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Olympus OM Motor Drive 2
Instruction Manual Part III


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Operating the Motor Drive 2 with
OM-2N & OM-1N series Models

Loading the Film

The LCD panel will
only shows frame number. Other pictorial guide is not available.

4. Make two blind shots

Set the exposure counter to "36"

5. Push the reset button

6. Press the shutter release.
The film advance release will automatically stop.

Rewinding the Film

Rewind until the tension is released

4. Push the reset button.

Other Motor Drive

Using films that are
not a 36-exposure roll.

How to prevent automatic stop

How to illuminate the exposure counter

Attaching the Remote Controller M. Quartz Remote Controller 1

Attaching the strap

Attaching the 250 Film Back 1

Care, Storage and

Some Questions and Answers (Q&A) extracted from the Instruction manual which may be helpful to any OM Motor Drive 2 users.

Q: I have pressed the camera's shutter release.

A: If you then press the shutter release button of the Motor Drive in the single mode, only the film advance will be activated. If you press it in the sequence mode, continuous shooting including film advance is possible.

Q: I have operated the camera's shutter release and film advance lever.

A: You can do these operations on the camera even when the Motor Drive is attached. The exposure counter will also operate normally.

Q: There are no batteries inside the Motor Drive. What can I do ?

A: The Motor Drive will operate if the power unit is connected, but the LCD counter cannot be used.

Q: I want to use the Motor Drive in low temperatures.

A: In low temperatures, it may not operate properly because the battery performance will be reduced. Try to keep its power section warm by using the Relay Cord, for example.

Q: When rewinding the film, the motor does not stop even after a certain time.

A: It is because the film is not engaged with the rewind mechanism, Turn the rewind lever of the Motor Drive as far as it will go. (The film is rewinding properly if the camera's rewind crank turns.)

Q: How long is the battery life?

A: Generally, LR44 batteries will last about six months, and SR44 batteries about one year. When the end of the battery life is reached, the counter display will turn off to tell you that the batteries must be replaced.

Q: How many rolls of film can be exposed with the Motor Drive?

A: About twenty 36-exposure rolls can be exposed in combination with the M. 15V Ni-Cd Control Pack, and about forty 36-exposure rolls in combination with the M. 18V Control Grip (in normal temperature, just after recharging).

Q: The film advance and rewind have stopped in the midway.

A: It means that the batteries in the power unit are worn out or the temperature is too low. Recharge the batteries or warm the power section.

Q: If I keep pressing the setting button, the counter advances too quickly.

A: To enable you to set it with ease, the counter is designed to advance one frame if you press the setting button once, and change continuously if you keep pressing the button.

Specifications of Olympus Motor Drive 2

Compatible cameras: OM1, OM2, OM-3, OM4 series, OM20, OM30 & OM40
Film advance: 5 frames per second maximum continuous filming without mirror lock-up. as well as single frame advance. Maximum film advance rate for OM2SP and OM40 is limiting to 3.5 fps
Shutter speed: All available speeds (1/2 - 1/1000 sec. in sequence mode with OM-1 series).
Power supply: M.18V Control Grip 1, 2 (12 AA batteries); M.15V Ni-Cd Control Pack 1, 2 (rechargeable); M. AC Control Box.
Input voltage: C 18V (AA batteries), 15V (Ni-Cd), 12 -16V D' (large potentiality DC power supplies).
Auto film positioning:The film automatically advances to the shooting position as soon as the camera back is closed
(with OM2 SP, OM-20, G, 30, F, OM3 & OM4 series).
Auto film rewinding: The motor automatically stops when rewinding is completed (
with OM2SP, OM-20, 30, 40, OM3 & OM4 series).
Frame display: Digital LCD display subtractive counting; two SR44 (or LR44) batteries provide power for LCD display.
Dimensions and weight: 143 X 77 X 93mm, 360g. (5.6 X 3.0 X 3.7 in.)

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