Rear  and end section of the  reclining Buddha at Wat Chaiyamangalaram Thai Buddhist Temple in Penang Island

The reclining Buddha image ar Wat Chaiyamangalaram (Wat Chai) Thai Buddhist Temple
Shown above is the toe section of the Reclining Buddha at Wat Chaiyamangalaram Buddhist Temple. The under section of the feet has a relatively large Buddhist symbol (not shown at this angle). where sometimes during a religious festival or occasion, they will be covered with a red cloth). The detail close-up view of a telephoto lens reveals how delicate is the detail of this magnificent statue. For first time visitor, I would suggest to be a little observant, there are many printed materials for free distribution and you may acquire one for reading. Move around the compound, DON'T RUSH to get your feet away out or treat your visit as a sight seeing routine.
A familiar view from inside the Wat Chaiyamangalaram (Wat Chai) Thai Buddhist Temple

External decorative dragons and statues at Wat Chaiyamangalaram (Wat Chai) Thai Buddhist Temple
During my recent visit again to this temple, I notice the influx of foreign tourists have significantly increased in numbers than my previous visits. Some nuns are actually came here as far as from Taiwan. I guess due to its nature of a Chinese community as its core, Penang can well be redeveloped into a popular destination for China, Taiwan and Hong Kong tourist spot instead of solely depends on westerners. Wat Chaiya combines various representations of Buddhist beliefs sandwiches in a location where it may also be used to showcase local customs and Buddhist approach in a wide varieties form of presentation. even from a KL folk perspective, after many years of revisiting, I still find this temple fascinating to worth a revisit occasionally This suggests its presence, I guess.

For amulets lovers, this site is a good place to do some trades. Spread some seeds via the little image to tourists to bring to their respective origin is a good idea, isn't it ?
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