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Close eyes Buddha - PIdta Buddhist amulet by Wat Bupharam, Penang
Wat Buppharam Thai (Siamese) Buddhist Temple locates slightly away from the more popular Wat Chaiyamangalaram and Dhammikarama Burmese Temple but it is still considered to be located at Pulau Tikus area (Address:- No. 8. Jalan Perak, George Town, Penang Island, Malaysia. This relatively small but old Thai Buddhist temple complex was built in 1942 by a Thai Buddhist monk named Phothan Srikheaw, who was regarded as the first Chief Abbot of this temple. The founding father of the temple is honored by a gold leaf covered image, together with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Chief Abbot of this temple, located at the front portion, near to the main building of this temple.

<<< --Shown (103k Jpeg) is a very high quality Close-Eyed Buddha amulet image form (More popularly known as Pidta (Pitta) produced by Wat Buppharam for fund raising purpose on current temple extension. This is a rare treat for Malaysian or visitors as very few local Thai Buddhist temples produce amulets for worshippers. I was told by Stan that only 3,000 units were being produced and was blessed by a long list of Chief Abbots of various famous Thai temples back in Thailand

The temple grounds are decorated with various mythical religious creatures, such as the traditional Thai Nagas, and deities that popular Thai religion "borrowed" from other cultures, a mixture of Hinduism and Taoism. The statue of Ganesha, the elephant headed Hindu deity is placed at the main entrance. On the left, there is a beautiful shrine consecrated to the goddess Kuan Yin, a Mahayana Bodhisattva, and on the far side leading to the burial grounds, there is a small shrine to the Land God, a Taoist deity. In spite of its modest size, Wat Buppharam has arguably one of the largest temple arches in Penang.

There are some really nice antique Straight Chinese altar tables in the main shrines, and many golden painted statues. This temple is open to the public and admission is free. The present Chief Abbot of this temple is Phra Khantikpalo (Than Yong). who is the fifth Chief Abbot after the passing away of the late Phra Khru Bidhikacheay Akhathammo.

Wat Buppharam is sometimes referred as The Temple of the Lifting Buddha. The name was deprived from a mini Buddha statue which was placed at one of the room to let visitors/worshippers seeking for spiritual guidance for personal and/or business matters. The Lifting Buddha is one of the main tourist attraction of this relatively old Buppharam Thai Buddhist Temple and hopefully, the creation of this site will help to provide an addition of another interesting local tourist location in Penang.

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