An old archived photo of thetemple abbots of Wat BUPPHARAM THAI BUDDHIST TEMPLE, Penang

A few figures in clear Indian expression and outfit was installed inside artificial caves.

A new four faced Buddha was added.

The aged Chedi was home of many pigeons.

The side building have many additions of classic statues which includes a section to host discarded images.

Shown above and at the bottom section of this page are scenic views of various sections of the temple (except inside the Chedi as well as rear end of the temple). The main Hall serves as multi-purpose usage, shown is a preparation of up and coming LoykraTong festival. One of the good thing about this temple is, no one will disturb you from doing anything. If you have doubts about what to do, just ask and people usually will offer their help. Usage of gold foils stamping is also distributed free and donation is voluntarily Needless to say, there is also no admission fees charged.

I would strongly suggest you planned your next visit to
Wat Buppharam Thai (Siamese) Buddhist Temple to pay a visit. Try out the Lifting Buddha if you wish as sometimes religious belief does need some mystical matters to beef up your faith and this experience is not too exaggerating other than an experience, all these will only add up to make an incredible journey for yourself and your family.
Outside or inside, Images of various forms which includes a Luang Phorr Thuad as well as Luong Phor CHAM from Phuket Island Resort was installed for people to worship.

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Wat Bupparam, Penang Pidta Buddhist amulet front view

Wat Bupparam, Penang Pidta Buddhist amulet Rear section view

Wat Bupparam, Penang Pidta Buddhist amulet Rear section view

OTHER INFO: -The Pidta amulet/ pendant from Wat Buppharam retails at an affordable price of RM68-00 (approx. USD18-00). The proceeds from the sale are meant for temple extension as well as maintenance. The total number is around 3,000 units. PHONE: (6) 04-2277430 E-mail; Wat Buppharam Official Site

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