An old archived photo of thetemple abbots of Wat BUPPHARAM THAI BUDDHIST TEMPLE, Penang
Personally, I feel BUPPHARAM Thai Buddhist Temple has three points of attraction. I would think the 1,000 years old Loung Phor York Lifting Buddha experience is its main crowd pulling feature (sorry, if I had make this as a marketing campaign or to promote super-natural behavior). But I guess even if it possesses something that shines in nature on marketing, it does required some form of promotion and the magical trial of Lifting Buddha by individual may fit very well in leading people to have a different approach in considering Buddhism from another perspective. One thing is for sure, not many people outside Penang would knew about he existence of this Thai temple than comparing Wat Chaiya at Burmah Lane. For an instance, many of the KL folks I talked to have never heard of the Lifting Buddha in Wat BUPPHARAM and I am sure neither the Singaporean brothers and sisters have any knowledge of it too. Indirectly, what I tried to emphasize is, Wat BUPPHARAM may also well be included as a tourist itinerary if a holiday or business trip to Penang is planned.

Next, this relatively old, main section of the temple has not been modified or upgraded since, perhaps traced back to its inception as a Buddhist spot, the "old" flavor presents actually projects a very original taste of how a Thai Temple should be. Further, the many surrounding mystical religious Buddhist images in and around the Wat BUPPHARAM exhibit a mix of various origin from different locations under a common roof of Buddhism in a multiracial society. Lastly, the temple actually offers many means of practice such as Buddhist studies, meditation and chanting methods for Buddhists which I think it also provide a channel for many to have a path of entry to deeper study of Buddhism.

The old Chedi / Pagoda retaining its original state.

Annexing to the main, where a reclining and classic Buddha statue locate.

The newly constructed ARC of entrance to wat BUPPHARAM THAI BUDDHIST TEMPLE, Penang Details of the Entrance Arc of Wat Bupphram, Penang
Many devotees have donated their own time, effort and financial aids in a series of upgrading for Wat BUPPHARAM. One of which is the reconstruction of the main entrance arc to the temple. The entrance also serves to give notice to passerby at the busy traffic presence of the temple to the locals.

The Residence and Monk's squarter of the Chief Abbot Details of the Entrance Arc of Wat Bupphram, Penang
Many The left could be the residence of the Chief Abbot. A standing Buddha unlocking at the beautifully constructed main entrance arc of the temple.
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Wat Bupparam, Penang Pidta Buddhist amulet front view

Wat Bupparam, Penang Pidta Buddhist amulet Rear section view

Wat Buppharam also produces Amulet for worshippers. If you have not owned an amulet, this can be a perfect gift to your loved ones at home. The selected form is a popular Pidta ("Pitta") image form, looks mystical on its exterior look but Pidta has been famed for both business progress and offers spiritual protection to the owner.

Pidta Buddhist Amulet, Wat Buppharam, Penang Front View (236k) | Rear View (220k)

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