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BUPPHARAM THAI BUDDHIST TEMPLE is also called SAKAK CHAN WAT but more popular known as "Temple of the Lifting Buddha". Personally, I find this temple has more appeal to individual (especially to tourists who may has never tried something like this before). My first visit to this temple can date back to 25 years ago where a local friend first brought me to experience this "phenomenon" on my own. Later years, I have brought some friends (even my wife) to give this a try to lift a small Buddha image which locates inside a small room annexed to the main hall.

The old picture of Lifting Buddha at BUPPHARAM THAI /SIAMESE BUDDHIST TEMPLE   To the Thai, the image is called LUANG PHOR YORK ("LP York"). The mid sized bronze Buddha image measures merely less than one foot tall. It is NOT made solid physically as with most Thai made Buddha images (i.e. hollow inside). It is not entirely that heavy and supposedly it is NOT that difficult to lift it up. If I can recalled accurately, previously, it was an image made of wood rather than bronze and it is not as high as the current form. Whatever it is, the amazing thing is where it relates: KNEE DOWN, PRAY to the Buddha BEFORE you begin. Make a Wish while you pray, and ask the Buddha for guidance that IF the wish you have made can come true and then use both hands (one aside) to try lift the image upwards. IF you can manage to do so for the first time, put the Buddha image down - and ASK FOR THE SECOND TIME; i.e. IF the wish really can come true, PLEASE ASK THE BUDDHA DON'T LET YOU LIFT IT UP AT YOUR SECOND ATTEMPT. Results may vary depend on what you are asking and based on individual.

I tried. My friends tried. It works that way. Most people I tried to explain how this works will put up a lot of theories such as a remote controlled magnetic switch etc.. but I wish 25 years ago, it was that advance for consumer electronic and actually, those days, the small table is hollow, meaning, there is nothing in contact between the image and the ground. I know this defies basic physics but there is no way for one to explain how could this happened. Well, the recent trip I went shown was a table covered with table cloth. Check it yourself if you still have some doubts in you, hehe ...

This famous Sacred Image, LUANG PHOR YORK at BUPPHARAM Thai Buddhist temple is FREE for public to worship (donation ? self motivated, it is not compulsory, equally, there is no admission fees to visit this temple). There is a guide printed to let people understand the accurate way to worship.

The Buddist Statues arrangement at BUPPHARAM THAI BUDDHIST TEMPLE side room for Lifting Buddha Image A Colse up detailed view of LIFTING BUDDHA at WAT BUPPHARAM THAI BUDDHIST TEMPLE Indicative size comparison of L P York (LIFTING BUDDAH) at BUPPHARAM THAI BUDDHIST TEMPLE Penang

OFFICIAL GUIDE HOW TO PERFORM THE TASK (312k Gray scale Jpeg File, printed in English and Mandarin / Chinese): 1, The person who desires to consult the compassionate BUDDHA must first pay respect to the Sacred Image aid then concentrate, with a clear mind on the wish he/she desires to ask; 2. Then grip the Sacred Image firmly on the body with both hands, make a wish, and ask that you should be able to lift the sacred image LIGHTLY without much effort; 3. In doing so, if you succeed, then to confirm that your wish can be fulfilled in your second attempt. Ask that you should NOT be able to lift it at all, If you succeed again you can consider that your wish will come true. The temple is opened from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

A visiting Tourist from China worship the Lifting Buddha before attempting to lift the Buddha Image
NOTES:- If in the first attempt you ask to be able to lift the Sacred Image lightly and it proved the opposite then you can consider the wish you desire is not going to be successful. A person can ask for many wishes. But for each wish, he/she can only carry the Sacred Image twice-one heavy and one light - or vice versa. This Sacred Image of the LORD BUDDHA is over 1,000 years old. It is brought from an ancient monastery in the Northeast Thailand, and is venerated by the BUDDHISTS in the country. Place your wish before the BUDDHA and donation for the temple is welcomed.

<<< --- CLICK ON PICTURE to Download a MOVE FILE (Apple's high res QUICK TIME 5.6 MB with sound clip) . For AVI Movie format (1.8MB) in a lower resolution, CLICK HERE.
During the recent visit, I have recorded via digital movie of a sequence on a China Tourist who performed her worship to the LP YORK. With her friend's and her permission, I took this picture as well as publishing this movie recording for public viewing. Credit: Miss Nicole Hu, China.
I heard there is also a temple in Kuala Lumpur near Pasar Road market which also installed a similar Buddha image which performs like the fascinating Luong Phor York image at WAT BUPPHARAM in Penang but I have not been there yet to witness myself to see the differences between the two. Anyway, although the Buppharam Buddhist temple in Penang may not be as grand as compared to the like of Wat Chaiyamangalaram and the delicate details of the many Buddha images at Dhammikarama Burmese Temple at Burma Lane, but I would think the Luong Phor York can be a very distinctive feature of Wat Buppharam. Penang is full of foreign tourists, like it or not, this could instill a little sparks to the heart of some non-Buddhist tourists back home with a few questions of Buddhism in their minds. Hehe ..

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