Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Nikon F3 (Modified) US Navy Model


This Nikon F3 is not a special edition model, but rather, it was a modified version for Submarine Periscope applications, it was based on a standard Nikon F3 chassis with an MD-4 configuration. Surfaced in an auction recently.. Incidentally, Stephen Gandy's site also shows a similar Nikon F3 US Navy version but came without the MD-4 where I assume his showcased unit was mainly a "US Navy property" Nikon F3 . The "US Navy" engraving on Stephen Gandy site was located on the left hand side of the camera 's rear panel but this version was engraved on the MD-4 and with a special metal plate which explains its actual application. Update: From: "Arnold Fenocchi" <>

Subject: Nikon F3 Navy Hello, Mr Lefoo, It’s been a while since I last visited your great site and I see now that you have a few pictures of a US Navy F3, with the nameplate saying “Modified for periscope use”. I have one of these cameras with the same nameplate on the camera itself. (A number of these, maybe 30 or 50, came up for sale on ebay last year, so I guess the US Navy was clearing out its stores). Well, if you’d like to know the differences between one of these and a standard F3-HP, to add the information to the web-site, here they are:

  1. The multiple exposure lever is removed and its hole on the edge of the top-plate is filled-in with black resin.
  2. The backlight is modified to be on whenever the meter is on. The red button is therefore redundant.
  3. The name plate, as shown on the MD4  is added to the front of the body, vertically, next to the mirror-lock-up button. The leatherette is cut out to insert the name-plate; it is not just stuck on to the surface.
  4. The focussing-screen is changed to the one with cross-hairs. Kind regards, Arnold.



NikonF3USnavyshutterbladD.jpg NikonF3USnavyshutterbladC.jpg

Credit: Image(s) courtesy of 'Shutterblade team' (e-mail)who specialises trading of new, used collectable cameras. The Company also operates a popular Ebay Store. All image(s) appeared herein are Copyright © 2005. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

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Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Nikon F3 (Modified) US Navy Model

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