As explained earlier, due to molten metal at extremely high temperatures which can be sensitive to even slight variable of factors that may affect an eventual appearances of the amulets. Thus it is quite impossible to maintain an uniform color for different production batches. The showcased Phra Krings here in this page are simple as an illustrations to show the various forms and designs produced during various generations. Other combinations such as colours and density of metal behavior could exists. So, don't go to details or use the Krings shown herein as the basis as visual confirmation for your own possession of Krings. If you are observance enough, the design of the Krings under different generation of the Gurus were also having slight differences. Whatever it is, overall design of the Phra Krings from its early days to early 2500 B.E. has been improved considerably as time progressed. Together, I am providing a comparing photo of a recent pre-ordered unit of Phra Kring acquired from Wat Suthat in year 2006 as a quick visual comparison at the bottom section of this page.

Generally early Phra Kring design works under the supervision of
Somdej Phra Ariyawongsakotayarn Sakolmaha Sangkhaparinayok (Pae Tissathewo) or simply short for Somdej Phra Sangkharai Pae who was also the spiritual teacher of King Rama VIII. Beginning from 2485 B.E. onwards, works of Chao Khun Son (Sondhi) were began to surface and has many variations which extended to other variant forms. For an instance, a triangular shaped design of Chaiwat was being released. Designs under Chao Khun Sri (Prayad) were possibly began from 2511 B.E. Whereas Kring images under Soomdej Phra Wanarat have a more modern feel and smoother outlines.

You must remember that Phra Kring is NOT a proprietary image form of Wat Suthat. Many Thai temples in the Kingdom also offered this unique form as amulets. Some of the more famous Phra Krings were also being produced by well known temples such as Wat Borworniwetch, Wat Bohdi Nimet, Wat Prasat, Wat Sothorn Waranam, Wat Nuanroradist etc. and even many other temples outside Bangkok are using this metal piece of Kring for special occasion.

Phra Kring Wat Suthat Limited Edition 2520 B.E. Phra Kring Wat Suthat Limited Edition 2520 B.E. Phra Kring Wat Suthat Limited Edition 2520 B.E.
So, it is not necessary true that it must be an original Kring from Wat Suthat that are usable or collectible (similarly. Kring from Wat Borworniweith (Borworn / Borwon / Borwornivet / Borwonives - will be featured on next trip to Thailand) , others from Bangkok / other temples out of the capital city such as Wat Aroon, Wat Bodhi Nivet, Wat Magud, Wat Sawethachet, Wat Bangpang, Wat Sadet, Wat Banrai, Wat Chondan, Wat Prasat etc. are also very well known) but undeniably Wat Suthat is famed for the Kring too, that is all. Lastly, it is also not true that older Kring works better than the new ones. That is simply perception of an amulet trader and/or collector because that is not the original intention why the temple produces Kring for public.

<<<--- ABOVE:- The Phra Kring Or-Pho-Thor Limited Edition Units, made by Wat Suthat Temple Committee / Association in year 2520 B.E.

Phra Kring from Wat Suthat, 2006 front view Phra Kring from Wat Suthat, 2006 rear section view the boxed case of Phra Kring from Wat Suthat, 2006 Phra Phong / Phra Kring Wat Suthat Phra Phong / Phra Kring Wat Suthat another version
Credit: These scanned images were extracted from "Dictionary of Buddha Small Images". I think those of you who may have keen interest in this should buy it. I have a few Volume except for the original edition and fourth version. If you have a lead on the 1st and 4th, let me know.

An interesting dual surfaced Phra Pong cum Phra Kring (one at each side) is a non-metal based Phra Kring produced by Wat Suthat under Abbot Chao Khun Sri (Son) in 2484 B.E.

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