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LEICA M6J 40th Jahre (40 years) 1954~1994 LEICA -M Photography commemorative rangefinder camera, 1994


In 1994, it was 40 years since Leica had switched from the old threaded mount to use of a bayonet mount with old classic LEICA M3 in 1954. There was an old saying where any successful business corporation and/or enterprises must withstand a trial for at least half a Century before you can say if it will be a successful Global trademark. During the first four decades after the switch, Leica had gone through numerous hard knocks, ups and downs in its business cycles, and is still standing tall, as one of the remaining original icons representing the German optical industry as a whole. I guess other than traditional product excellence and craftsmanship that have long been associated with Leica, brand loyalty was another important factor for its continual existence; the remaining factor is just whether how they can strengthen their own product strength and adapt themselves to the modern world that keeps evolving in various forms, technologies and trends.

In 1994, LEICA had unveiled a LEICA M6J Special Edition to commemorate their 40th Anniversary of LEICA M Photography. It had various good elements that I had outlined above.

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