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First of all, this site can be very different from all my previously created sites-for-fun kind of resources. Meaning instead of spending few months just to develop a site of significant depth in content can be very time consuming. A system camera has probably has hundreds of related system accessories built around a camera type. For an example each of these featured system camera would have a combined file size in the folder; Nikon F (18mb), F2 (52mb), F3 (45mb), F4 (57mb), Nikon F5 (78mb) or a Canon New F1(13mb), Canon EOS1n (103mb), Olympus OM1/2 series (86mb), Pentax LX system camera (21mb) etc. and even a Contax RTS series with just two featured RTS models will have a 35MB file size in its content, each of these modern classic bodies may consist of raw content ranges between 1,500~3500 items in combination of HTML, Images, PDFs etc. which made up the basis of a camera site. Besides, due to system compatibility it may need to further address other related areas such as development of the optic group and so forth.

So far, I have not started any site on a particular rangefinder system but that was essentially how each established camera label today were evolved from. One of the primary issue was mainly due to inadequate knowledge during my early days and lack of good images/photos which has been holding me on to even think of attempting to create a site in this nature. However, it has taken me more than 5 years and patiently collecting useful content as well as digesting whatever the market and individual intelligence from good publications, online references etc. I have actually started to create my first rangefinder resources with the
Nikkor-RF optical system early this year (2008). It has taken me 2 months where I only reached a half way stage. Amidst the course - I was thinking the Nikkor RF may be a recognized established system but if not for the brilliance of German optic industry which had started it all, there probably will never be a Nippon Kokagu nor the Seiki Kokagu in their current commanding state as major photographic system providers.

Thus, I took a pause on development of the Nikkor RF site first and has decided to shift and begin with a sketchy Leica/Contax site here instead. Partly, to address a particular rangefinder system without referring back to Leica/Leitz as well as Contax Zeiss resources can be a joke because during most of the early development stage of various oriental labels, the German optical products had always been their ultimate reference point to replicate and/or challenged. More importantly, after I did a few rounds on Google Search, despite all these years in the ever expanding Internet content development, there are actually not too many high quality resources centered on these two distinguished German labels. Here, what I did was just acted as a compiler role - making use of readily available resources from online trading areas and present them in an orderly manner. With close to a century-old tradition, BOTH the German labels each has a proud history and colorful background on their own and it can be very challenging task.

Leica Index Photo
To attempt and create a full, detail history of various LEICA system resources is STILL beyond my capability. It can be acted as a cross reference source only. For those who may be specifically intended to go one-level deeper, you should consider getting high quality publications such as the few books which had in depth knowledge by seasoned historian or photographic collectors instead of referring to the fragile content appears herein this site.

Whatever it is, the only advantage offer in an online resource is simply having the edge in continual updating of content. The Internet community has its own pool of experienced users with this kind of specific interest, use it wisely - it can be full utilized to keep on updating quality information for all to share. Further, regardless how knowledgeable one can be, and in the course of long history of camera hardware development over the last one century, an opened platform may provide an easy access channel for all to add new or previously unknown content to the Network.

Personal Note:- I am retired and I am spending a few hours each night to do things that I like. It is just a small effort to supplement a vacuum found on the Internet today but this site is NOT intended to rival anyone out there. Besides, I am NOT a historian and I am quite label independent where my primary interest is confined to photography itself but not the labels. One important issue I have to address here is, my English was self taught, the writing skill used herein may not be good enough to serve high expectation of a Harvard, Stanford or Oxford graduate, so, please ignore my poor writing if the way I wrote is irritating your sight or has upset your stomach. Well, I am a 50+ Malaysian Chinese & probably I can rank myself as the worst local in the command of this medium.. but - come to think of it, if ever this site is written in Chinese, I didn't force anyone to pickup Mandarin first before you can read whatever I am preparing here too, right ? ..). In short - If you are happy with you are seeing right now, just click around & see what I had for you deeply nested in the primary folder(s); if not, just skip this site. Thank You.

Personally, in a most ideal situation I will try by kick-starting a visual library as how I did earlier with the
Pictorial History of Nikon or Canon A/T series, by first providing a basic framework in production sequential order for various Leica M-series models. Second phase is more to refinement in its details. It can be personal effort or open to Leica enthusiasts who can provide good reviews on each interested or model that one is so familiar with as a form of site-extension - meaning satellite site(s) in full details as what I did on any of the professional grade Nikon, Canon, Olympuses, Minoltas or the Pentax. Along the way, for those who may be possessing good write-up skill, one can use his strength in those areas to patch the weakness found on the basic scracthy core development site. Individual knowledge can be different in many areas, for an instance, when I began the Leica M6, I has actually spent few wasteful weeks just on sourcing information which relates on any other possible M6 variants with information on their respective issued dates, total quantity being produced etc. Good thing is, along the way, I gathered and I learnt. There are actually some other specific M-6 model(s) that previously I have no previous knowledge in their existence. I guess as a responsible site developer, it is critically IMPORTANT on verification in correctness of information to avoid providing misleading data to info-seekers. I guess knowledgeable societies such as any of the Leica Historical Societies or Clubs could offer their expertise in some of these specific areas. Probably, the ONLY advantage I am having here is, I have have some free time in my retirement and just spending time overseeing an investment in an Internet Company in MIR, that is all - nothing else. But frankly, to attempt in creating a site with depth & good quality in its content is definitely a very time consuming process, adding the fact it probably may take a year or two just if solely base on my own effort alone. Further, as if I am doing now is trying to feature one of the most prestigious Icon in the camera industry with a century of proud tradition behind its creations - I guess this should be a collective effort instead of relying on an old man like me ... Come to think of it, for an instance, the wasteful time in the info gathering process could be just furnished by someone very knowledgeable with the Leica system in just an hour - isn't it stupid ? Thanks for reading my thought and sharing some of my inner anxieties because at times, as if it is like itchy back side looking for trouble - this Leica project is no means an easy task.

Here I wish to take a small section to
THANK all the contributors in their generous permission in granting/helping to enable creation of this site.

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NOTE:- This is an individual hobbyist site and has no business relation with nor permission granted from Leica AG. Pictures/images showcased herein this site are copyright and belonged to respective owner and/or contributors as each will be marked with the acquired reference source. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer(s). ENJOY.

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