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LEICA M6 TTL rangefinder camera models

Leica M6 TTL was introduced in 1998 to replace the original M6, it was eventually being discontinued in 2002.

One of the main feature of the M6 TTL model from the predecessor M6 was essentially added TTL flash capability to the M6. Firstly, this leads to some of the minor operational changes such as, in-finder w/TTL flash ready light, an indicative central OK-symbol <O> for directional metering guide. The in-finder metering diode readout arrow also rotates same direction with the shutter speed dial. Secondly, on the system, there are multiple viewfinder magnifications to choose the most appropriate camera models to suit individual needs. From hereon although it serves some purpose, but subsequent many models, including the re-make of the Leica MP started to offer multiple viewfinder magnifation. All other features are considered minor improvements in either handling and/or shooting ease for photographers.

The easiest way to differentiate the M6 TTL models ("M6 classic, as some preferred to term it to differentiate from the TTL flash capable model) from the original M6 visually are

1) a larger shutter speed dial with a) chrome body:
red flash symbol and OFF settings; b) black body: yellow symbol/words; 2) a TTL bolt symbol marked at the side of the hot shoe and 3) the hot shoe with multiple electronic contacts (TTL flash and in-finder readylight).

The basic body weighs slightly heavier and added electronics raised the height of the top plate marginally as the flash TTL capability uses 16bit circuitry Thirdly, to me, the short duration of the M6 TTL era has a more significant meaning in witnessing improved Leica optical group. During this stage, many new series of optics in popular focal length were wither being revised in design as well as incorporating aspherical lens element(s).

Leica M6 TTL finder magnification illustration
Differences in viewfinder magnifications mainly aimed to assist Leica photographers with individual preferences over use of lenses in different focal length for viewing and compositional ease. As the viewfinder magnifications affect the camera models, M6 TTL originally was available in standard 0.72X and 0.85X, while the 0.58X model was introduced later in 2000. Generally, wider field or 0.58X allows for frame lines for wider lenses at the expense of the tele lenses. The 0.85X or tele-finder serves longer lens(es) at the expense of the wide angles . The standard range of 0.72X / 0.68X finder used in the classic M6 serves most general, popular focal length lenses but would require auxiliary finders for ultra wideangle lenses may see some compromises to use lenses with longer focal length such as 135mm for even use tele-accessories attachment.

Leica M6 TTL 0.85X finder in chrome 10436   metering spot on shutter curtain
All models within the M6 TTL still uses the white spot painted on the shutter curtain for reflective metering as with the M6, except in the case of TTL flash which seperates theold and new model, the white spot is also meant for TTL flash metering. TTL flash was first seen with debut of Olympus OM2(n) back in the 1970, it was also Leica fist attempt in offering mainstream TTL flash metering in its entire lineup of rangefinder cameras, almost 30 years later. Ao, there is no big huhah over this feature as most Leica photographers seldom uses flash but still, it was generally welcome should one requires it.

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Instruction Manuals:- Leica M6 Classic in PDF (3.8mb) by Niels H. S. Nielsen; Leica M6 TTL 3.6 Mb PDF) by Joe Chan

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