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Leica M6 prototype parts, 1981

I have not seen a LEICA M6 Prototype copy being surfaced in the market yet. But according to Leicashop™ auction literature; seemingly there were 6 of these copies had been produced. For some strange reasons, there was no complete mob-up model in that particular auction. Instead, some parts remains of the said prototype body were being auctioned. I am not a technician and couldn't distinguished the differences among the actual production designed units and the prototype parts. But here are some of the views, probably anyone of you out there can write a short remarks to furnish this particular section.

Corner at shutter release and dial section of M6
Description of the Westlicht auction stated" .. M6 Electronic Prototype Top Plate - extremely rare M6 Electronic prototype top plate, only four of these cameras were produced in 1981..." - Leicashop® Westlicht Auction House -

Compare this with the | Nomenclature | of a standard LEICA M6 production unit

front section, top plate of a prototype M6, 1981

rear section, top plate of a prototype M6, 1981

inner section, top plate of a prototype M6, 1981

Here is a glimpse of a LEICA M6 Prototype - It is an image link directly from photonet

LINK to external site, http://photo.net/bboard/uploaded-file?bboard_upload_id=9034484

This BLANK section will be reserving for any possibility of future updates / contribution of a Leica M6 prototype models

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