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Leica M6 Chrome LHSA 1968~1988 20th Anniversary commemoration rangefinder camera Model, 1988 by Auction team from Igavel.com

Leica M6 LHSA 1968~1988 20th Anniversary Edition, 1988

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rick_oleson@yahoo.comtop Plate section showing 1968~1988
The LHSA 1968~1988 engraving at the top plate. The small, black-lined emblem of LHSA logo is considerably smaller than the 1968~1993 red-lined emblem version. NOTE: unconfirmed known version(s): it may also had a M6 black body with a sole Big M6 logo engraved in white lettering at the top plate; Can also anyone helps to identify the image someone sent me below. I am a little skeptical to this input by a fellow collector because the emblem presented at the M6 black below has a modern style LHSA logo at the top plate and it looks different from the chrome model at the top.

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