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M6 Titanium with Summilux-M1.4/35mm Paul-Henry Van Hasbroeck

Paul Henry Van Hasbroeck Leica M6 T w/lens

This particular Leica M6 Titan was not a special production, instead, it was a tool used by Leica author cum specialist Paul Henry Van Hasbroeck and has been illustrated in “Leica in Color” p.94 and comes complete with a copy of “Leica in Color” signed by Paul Henry Van Hasbroeck. This was the particular camera used by Paul Henry Van Hasbroeck for the last 20 or so years. Although I seldom idolizing someone but as a form of respect and personal tribute for, over the decades in his full dedication and hard work in providing all Leica users and/or collectors worldwide by compiling so many useful info into readable references, I would like to dedicate a page to feature this particular camera he used.

In the mean time, the series of books listed below by Paul Henry Van Hasbroeck can be accessed and purchase via
paperbackswab 2) Amazon.com 3) Leica Shop and/or 4) used via Ebay search

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This original Leica M6 Titanium-coated Serial 1907319 comes with Titanium Summilux-M 35/1.4 (#3538134). The particular camera was made in 1992. Introduces at 1992 Photokina this special version of the M6 in a grey titanium finish with a matching lens, which is very resilient to hard use.


Paul Henry Van Hasbroeck LEICA M6T

Paul Henry Van Hasbroeck M6T lens removed



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