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LEICA M6 TTL Black Paint …resundsbron (10482) Special Edition rangefinder camera with Special Edition 50mm f/1.4 ASPH black paint edition in presentation wooden case
Unlike the previous Royal Wedding edition which other than having the royal flavor attaches to the issue; the LEICA M6 TTL black paint Øresundsbron Edition has a far improved configuration in its basic specification which begins from system accessories.Wooden presentation case for LEICA M6 TTL Black Paint …resundsbro
The camera was supplied with a very nicely made dark-colored wooden presentation case, internally laid with red velvet cloth. The cloth has an imprinting of "LEICA M6 TTL Øresundsbron 2000". Lock mechanism used a push button design. The entire setup with a camera and a lens attached projects a classy touch as well as very elegantly look.

Top view of a Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH Black Paint edition for Leica M6 …resundsbron (10482) Special Edition rangefinder camera

As mentioned, there were three configurations to allow users to make a choice. Within the series, the "highest spec" (basically the most expensive among the lots) was the 75 units of Summilux-M 1:1.4/50mm ASPH black paint version which bundled for LEICA M6 TTL black paint Øresundsbron 2000. The Black Paint Summilux-M 50/1.4 ASPH was a special edition lens with special "Øresundsbron 2000" engraving which makes it a dedicated, matching optic for the camera. Probably the small quantity of production just for the edition has it commanding a higher premium than other combinations and makes this very collectible.
The version of the Summilux-M has no built-in lens hood type and has a old style manual focusing ring. But optically, it uses combination of a floating element, special glass types with unique refraction properties, as well as incorporating a lens element with aspherical surface which makes the Summilux-M ASPH series so famous about.

Summilux-M 1:1.4/50mm special engraving for LEICA M6 TTL Black Paint …resundsbron (10482) Special Edition rangefinder camera

Closeup view of the special engraving on the S/N for LEICA M6 TTL Black Paint …resundsbron (10482) Special Edition rangefinder camera
The viewfinder magnification supplied was a 0.85x finder which is more tuned for longer focal length lenses. Bright-line viewfinder frames built-in with 90mm, 50/75 mm, 35/135mm. For other combinations, you may have to make use of system finder accessories. Other than these, the LEICA M6 TTL Black Paint Øresundsbron 2000 Edition will be just like any of the regular production M6 TTL unit.

<<<--- The special engraved Serial Number engraved along with Leica production S/N starts with xxx/150 which is matched with the letter of authentication issued with each of the unit. Although no TTL symbol was present, but most LEICA users should understand the TTL flash exposure control metering it offers in these LEICA M6 TTL units.
Among the three available options for the LEICA M6 TTL Black Paint Øresundsbron 2000 series, the Summilux-M 5-/1.4 ASPH black paint edition has a very good collectible basis for Leica enthusiasts to think about. Overall, Nordisk Foto Imports A/S was thoughtful enough in ensuring those Leica faithful who may has been investing into their Øresundsbron series would see preservation of its value, if not for appreciation.

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The basic configuration of LEICA M6 TTL
Øresundsbron Black Paint without a companion lens

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