The objective of this examination is to examine the applicant's standard of photography and promote the development of photographic art.


The Associateship (APSM) is open to members who possess a high degree of proficiency in photography.

The Fellowship (FPSM) is open only to members who are already Associates and denotes distinguished ability in a particular field

The Honorary Fellowship (Hon. FPSM). This distinction (not open for application by members) is occasionally conferred by the Society on members or any other person who has made a very distinguished contribution to photography or to the work of the Society. The conferring of Hon Award will be review by the Award management council and approved by the committee of P.S.M. The nomination of the Hon Awards must be propose by a minimum of 2 P.S.M. members


1. Application for the Society's Distinctions may be made under the following categories:

The Associateship

Section 1.1. - Pictorial

The Fellowship

Section 1.1. - Pictorial
1.2. - Portraiture
1.3 - Illustrative
1.4 - Nature

2. The evidence for application for the Society's distinctions may be submitted in the form of transparencies or prints. Prints may either be in colour or monochrome.

3. The evidence submitted must be the work of the applicant.

4 . The Panel of Judges in order to have an in depth knowledge of the applicant's work, may require, if necessary, the presence of the applicant before the Panel to provide verbal explanation relating to the submission.

5. The application form together with fees and explanatory notes (if any) should be dispatched to the Society's address separately from the evidence, i.e. prints or slides.


1. Subject to Paragraph D2 below, any Member who is 18 years of age and above may apply for the Society's distinctions

2. All applicants who have successfully conferred either Associateship or Fellowship must apply for life membership within a month, otherwise the Award will be withdrawn.

3. Members who have been awarded the distinctions ARPS or FRPS of Britain may apply for the Associateship or the Fellowship of the Society. The Panel of Judges may exempt such applications from the need to produce the usual evident required by the Society in considering application for the Associateship or the Fellowship.

4. Members who have obtained 3 stars or 4 stars degree of PSA may apply for the Associateship of the Society. The Panel of Judges may exempt such applications from the need to produce the usual evidence required by the Society in considering applications for the Associateship

5. Members who have obtained 5 stars or higher degree of the PSA may apply for the Fellowship of the Society. The Panel of Judges may exempt such applications from the need to produce the usual evidence by the Society in considering applications for the Fellowship.

6. Applications for exemption under paragraphs D3, D4, and D5 above shall, besides filling in the prescribed form, be further required to:

(a) pay the appropriate fee in respect of the distinctions applied for; and
(b) submit documentary proof for holding the distinction of the approved societies.


1. The Associateship - APSM

Members may apply to be an associate by submitting evidence in form of 12 prints either in colour or in monochrome for which print size shall not be smaller than 10" x 12" but not more than 16" x 20" Evidence may also be submitted in the form of 16 transparencies of 2" x 2" size.

2. The Fellowship - FPSM

This distinction is open only to those who are already Associateship. Fellowship distinction denotes distinguished ability in a particular field of photography, therefore work of a higher degree of proficiency s required m order to be successful Evidence requirements:

(a) 18 prints - colour or nnonochrome - size not smaller than 10" x 12" but not larger than 16" x 20"; or
(b) 18 transparencies of 2" x 2" size


1. All applications for the Society's distinctions should be submitted in the prescribed form with the appropriate fees to:

P. O. BOX 12044,

2 Fees.




Local and Singapore






*Exchange Rate Approximately USD 1 = RM 2.55
All applicants, in addition to the prescribed fees, should remit extra postage for the return of their work. The value of the postage should not be less than the equivalent of the postage used by the applicants n sending their works to the Society.


1. The assessment for distinctions applications will be carried out by the Society annually. All applications must reach the Society on or before 30 September of the year All late entries will be treated as applications for the following year's assessment.

2. To maintain a certain degree of confidentiality and fair assessment, details of the applicant, i.e. name and membership number etc. should be written at the back of the prints or mounts as the case may be All prints or mounts bearing the name or membership number of an applicant n front shall be disqualified.

3. Prints submitted by local (including Singapore) Applicants must be cardboard mounted whereas mounting of prints by foreign applicants will be optional. Failure in observing this may result in the prints be rejected for assessment.

4. Application fees will not be refunded should application be unsuccessful No evidence of application be returned unless sufficient return postage is accompanied .

5. No evidence under application should be shown to or discussed with any Member of the Panel of Judges before the finalisation of assessment of such evi dence.

6. No alteration or exchange of documents and/or evidence shall be allowed after submission been received by the Society

7. The Society reserve the right to exhibit, publish any evidence submitted for distinction application and no fee shall be payable f the evidence is so used. All evidence, subject to the above and paragraph G4 above, shall be returned within a reasonable time after the assessment date

8. Successful applicant must within 14 days upon being informed of the result of the assessment, submit copies of 8" x 10" prints in colour or monochrome and a set of duplicate slides to the Society for record purposes before Certificate of Distinction can be issued.

9. While possible care will be taken in handling all the application materials, the Society and its Committee Members will not assume any responsibility for their loss or damage.

10. Members who are awarded the Society's distinctions shall be entitled to use the following abbreviations after their names as long as they remain Members of the Society:

(a) The Associateship - APSM
(b) The Fellowship - FPSM
(c) The Honorary Fellowship - Hon. FPSM

11. The rules and regulations governing the awards will be subject to change without prior notice.

12. The decision of the Award Management Council and Committee Members of P.S.M. is final and no correspondence will be entertain.


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