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Whether will you believe it or don't is not an important issue - but the truth is, the folder of this Contax RTS series SLRs project has been nested in my computer since 1998 ! I have always thought I should have bought a Contax RTS II back in 1983 but idea was put off when I realized my favorite Olympia Sonnar lens 180mm f/2.8 and Tele-Tessar 300mm f/4.0 lenses had their prices soured up mysteriously during that period, such changes in the market place has forced me to take a look at alternatives at the Nikon and Canon as I was quite strapped with budget to buy my first SLR camera. Between the Canon New F-1 and Nikon F3, eventually I have chosen a Nikon F3/T. But the inner urge to get myself a Contax was still there all these years..

That perhaps explained why after almost two decades of soul searching in photography, and when I decided to create a photography site on my own - I thought I should share some of my personal thought in relation to cameras and nothing is better than creating a site for this fine camera which almost got me hooked on to 2 decades ago.

This Contax RTS site has taken me nearly a month to complete. I am not very efficient nor very productive kind of person by probably it was much faster than any of those camera sites which took me longer to complete (In comparison, Nikon F3 site has taken me 3 months, the Nikon F2 was about 4 months, while the Olympuses was required the same amount of time to finish ... ). But as earlier I did mentioned the development Contax folder was all the while residing inside my computer for 4 years - then, WHY I have to take such a long time to finish this project ? Well, two incidents happened, the first was happened in November, 1999 where my previous computer crashed and all the essential data for the preliminary construction work contained in the entire hard disk was totally unrecoverable. I was so frustrated and has decided to divert off and started the Canon A series projects instead. Oh.. boy, that was a real tough task because Canon A -series consists of SIX camera models and the project cannot be complete if the Canon T series has FIVE Models in total which includes an all important trend setting Canon T90 SLR camera - further, it will be a joke IF both the series were there but has not addressing the TWO Canon professional class SLR models, original Canon F-1 and Canon New F-1 ! Further, some of the technologies employed by the newer series were adopted from order bodies such as earlier Canon Pellix and FTQL - so that was essentially the problem - I just have to have the ENTIRE series of Canon SLR sites completed before I can jump back to the Contax project.

But its looked like my miseries never stopped there. The year that followed, I had almost the entire Contax website completed in 70% towards the end of year 2000 - one miserable night ( where I usually prepared content at night falls and ended my day at 2 -3 a.m.), I had a funny thought that I should also do a back-up the entire folder to my notebook for safekeeping at home in order to avoid similar incident happened as the last episode. I did that smoothly but only to realize when I got home that I had accidentally replaced the NEWER version on my desktop Imac with an OLDER one from my power book !!! @##%#$&$*"~>+ !!

That incident was certainly a real BAD one - because I have also lost all the images of the RTS II I took where a friend has loaned me which has no backup copies at all ! I was so frustrated that I decided that I should also trash this idea of recreating this Contax site and divert myself to do a total revamped of the Nikon F3 website. That decision has resulted a lengthy 3 months and followed with an Olympus OM-1(n) & OM-2(n) project. Eventually, it has taken me another 4 months to complete another mega project with the Nikon F2 web resource site.

Am I satisfy with what I have completed thus far ? Well, only if you have the time to listen to some confession... . Frankly, I don't enjoy very much developing this Contax RTS website. During the entire duration of the development work, many negative events happened and most of them were quite disturbing. There was a time I have almost given up carrying on further with the entire development works.

Next, sourcing essential reference materials (and even locating a RTS user is very difficult) was indeed slow and tedious. The local distributor has a mental block towards web presence - I have not been able to meet up with any of their executives even up to today despite numerous attempts and gave up eventually ! Strangely, they do have a Contax Gallery, first of its kind outside Japan in Malaysia and run by a Japanese photographer but unfortunately, the operator has the same attitude as the principal towards the web medium. I also gave up on him eventually.

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My problems were not entirely confined to development work. Some undesirable events have also occurred in my personal life at the time. My mum passed away that year. I have also decided to move to a new home right at the heart of the City Center and still find hard to adapt myself to urban living; my poor boy dog, one of my two pets where I groomed them from puppies 12-13 years ago has to be put to sleep due to heart worm infections;... In fact, I was feeling quite "low-key" during that stage and I hated working in such mental state. Besides, Internet is not as friendly as most people thought it is supposedly to be. Strangely, for the last 6-7 months - I have not been receiving anymore insultive mails from nowhere like previously; probably many of those viruses must have been realizing I am not a counter-virus agent to them anymore after realizing my real objective of creating this website. Frankly, some of those remarks and/or comments have real really knocked me off at times, that is why I have thought about seriously scrap some of the future projects (such as the Olympus OM2SP, OM-3Ti that were in my original plan) or in fact the entire series of Pentaxes despite they have a couple of SLR cameras that I really like to feature them (such as the Pentax K1000, Pentax Super A/Program and the Pentax MX), may be I might consider featuring additional 2 Minolta SLR bodies (the trend setting Minolta X-700 in 1981 and the Maxxum 7000 of 1984/5 which has started the AF revolution Update: Both sites have gone "live" in 2002 1) X-700, 2) Maxxum 7000 AF).

I do have many other handicaps. Among many other things, needless to highlight again as I have addressed this issue many times in my site - I still have to struggle to write properly (& type efficiently). But I have been trying ALL the TIME to improve these skill. If that matters a lot to some of you, then it is just too unfortunate because I have not been able to improve too much since I started it all - although now al least I know that I have learnt to keep lines and paragraphs simple to read and understand.

Do excuse me if you have found my English is unacceptable to your reading requirement because these pages were not written specifically for a Oxford, Cambridge or a Harvard's graduate - on the other hand, as long as you know I didn't force anyone to learnt and read Mandarin in order to read how to handle and operate a Contax camera, right ? Well, if anyone of you feel that you have all the time in the world come and educate an old Malaysian Chinese how to write proper English for the sake of good reading in a camera website - Hmm... please let me know, I am more than happy to send you those few hundred HTML pages for correction and hopefully pick up some good writing from you in return.

I hate to start something and didn't finish it. And probably that is why I don't simply commit to commence any new projects - even if they are recreational sites and/or simply created for leisure browsing. I do have my self-set standard and that is why each of these sites takes that long time to finish every one of them. Sometimes, just for sake of orientation, I will buy a specific camera model until the site is complete and dispose them. That certainly sounds very stupid but it is essential in order the content be accurate and neither I want to abuse my power via a website as I know I can influence others perception by how I phase in a paragraph or a sentence in a popular* website.

* A little update: Since moving the web server to a new location with slightly higher bandwidth, the traffic has ballooned to around 10 million hits per month, so, the bandwidth is always the problem...

A considerate friend of mine has warming gave his opinion - I SHOULD try writing some articles about autofocus bodies , like a Contax N-1, EOS-1v or a Nikon F-100 etc. blah blah blah... because that is where the traffic is ! But probably my friend didn't realize web traffic is not my priority at all and neither that was my objective of why am I doing all these sites - but rather - photography is and passion was the drive.

Don't ask when can a possible Contax N1 or N1 Digital site can be ready. After a bitter episode between me and NikonUSA over the PDF files for Nikon F3 and FA and a couple of negative comments published via users' groups on some of my earlier efforts - I do feel a little upset and I may lay off some project for a while. Besides, recent development in businesses would require me to take a good look at both of my babies on the web ( MIR and MIRnet) again. I think probably I have to spend more time and ensure the path for growth for both Companies is solid enough to take on changes in the industries - probably a small scale IPO exercise is inevitable for the Company as It would ensure long term steady growth of the Company . Further, I am on another Self-funded community web development project which I need to pay some attention too. Anyway, I hope these content that I have managed to compile thus far can benefit someone out there, there are hundreds HTML pages and Jpeg and Gifs images to make up this Contax RTS site - all created by my shaky hands and blurry minds. I am sure there are many mistakes made (or typo errors) and/or technical mistakes appeared here and there in this Contax site, if you have come across any of them and think they may need rectification, do drop me a line and I will mend them accordingly.

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