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Instruction Manual for MD-4 Motor Drive - Basic Setup

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Unscrew the camera's motor drive coupling cover. First make sure the camera's power switch is turned off. Then turn the camera upside down and use a coin to unscrew the cover.

If for any reason you want to unmount the MD-4, MAKE SURE the cover is screw back to the motor drive coupling before taking any picture with the F3. This is to prevent your film being exposed to light entering through the opening.

Remove the motor drive's battery clip . Slide the release catch to the right and the battery clip will pop out. If you are using the rechargeable high performance Ni-Cd power pack which is a single piece of battery block, just slot it in and replace the conventional penlight battery clips.

Pullcasing.jpg (5k)
Note: Keep the battery clip for future use as normal penlight batteries are easily available everywhere.

the Battery Issues section.

A considerate feature designed for the MD-4. DON'T misplaced the motor drive coupling cover! You might need it one day or should you prefer to travel light and go without the MD-4, you would need the cover to screw back the exposed motor drive coupling underneath the F3 camera body. You can store the cover in the compartment provided.

Slot_cover.jpg (4k)
To prevent the cover from being misplaced, slip it into the storage compartment on the end of the battery clip. To remove the motor drive coupling cover, push the small catch to the outside as you turn the battery clip upside down. The cover will then fall out.

Load the batteries.

Install 8 AA-type penlight batteries into the clip following the " + " and "-" indications.

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Choice of battery used affects performance of the MD-4 (I know so did the price...), please refer to the battery section in this site to make the appropriate choice for your photography.

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Install the battery clip. the clip back in the battery chamber. Push it until it snaps into place.

Check the battery power.
Push the battery check button If both LED's light up, the batteries have been loaded properly and their power is sufficient. If one LED glows, the batteries should be replaced with a fresh set.

Testpower.jpg (6k)
If none go on, this indicates that the batteries have not been loaded correctly (IF you suspect this could be the case, check the polarity of the individual cells and see if they have been loaded correctly) or are completely dead.

Mountbody.jpg (6k)
Attach the motor drive to the camera body.
Make sure the S-C mode selector of the motor drive is set to
L (Lock) before attaching the camera. Otherwise the motor might start operating.

Place the camera body on top of the motor drive so that the motor drive's mounting screw (1) lines up with the camera's tripod socket (2) and the camera positioning pin is aligned with the motor drive coupling hole (3). Then turn the attachment wheel (4) counterclockwise until the two units are screwed tightly together.

Spoolinsert.jpg (7k)
Load the camera with film.

Load film into the camera in the normal way.

Note: Do not detach the motor drive from the camera while it's still loaded with film. Unless you are in a darkroom. the film might become exposed to light entering through the bottom of the camera.

Orange-dot.jpg (5k)
Turn the counter setting dial until the frame counter reaches the orange dot. (Refer to the detail section for more).

IF you are new to the MD-4, if for any reason your MD-4 remain inoperative, first check out if the counter is away from the orange dot before you rush out for a repair service. It was designed as a safety device rather than giving you a scare. Just rotate the dial and align the index with the orange dot and see if the MD-4 works (check the battery as well and see if all the cells are correctly arrange according to their polarity i.e. '+' &' -'.

Set the S-C mode selector Lift up and set the S-C mode selector for either S (SINGLE) or C (CONTINUOUS) operation. Depends on your preference, if shooting stationary subject , set the selector to single frame operation may prevent accidental wasting a few frames.

Selector.jpg (6k)
But when set to continuous mode, the shutter will fire just as long as the shutter button is kept depressing.

If use with the Ni-Cd MN-2 power cell, at 5.5 fps firing rate (6 fps mirror lock up and at speed of 1/125 sec and above), a 36 exposures film roll can be finished off within 7 seconds ! If higher volume is desired for specific scientific or research purposes, you can use the optional bulk film back MF-4 which holds 250 exposures per load.

Take the picture(s). Depress the trigger button halfway to switch on the meter. If you're satisfied with the reading, push the button all the way down to take the shot (s). Remember, just like handling your basic F3, just use your finger tip to gently depress the button.

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Also double check the LCD if the shutter speed is safe enough for handheld shooting. However, the hand grip provides a firmer and more secure grip to handle lower speed setting.

Rewind the film automatically.

When the film reaches the end of the roll, it will automatically stop and
one LED will light up. Depress the lock button (1) on rewind slide 1 (R 1) and push the slide to the left (2). Then, while holding it, push rewind slide 2 (R 2) (3) up.

RewindSlides.jpg (5k)
Immediately the film starts rewinding. When the sound becomes more high-pitched and tension is lessen which indicates exposed film has been totally rewound inside the catridge, push rewind slide 2 (3) back down to stop film rewinding.

Note: Regardless the camera has a film roll inside, the MD-4 will still operate and begin the rewind when these steps were made.

Remove the film cartridge. Unload the camera in the normal manner. Turn the S-C mode selector to the red 'L' setting. To prevent the shutter from being accidentally tripped between shooting sessions, turn the S-C mode selector to the L (LOCK) position.

Lock.jpg (5k)
The meter will remain on for 16 secs. after finger is lifted off the button but when you switch the selector to 'L' (Lock) Position, the meter will still remain on for 16 sec before it turns off automatically.

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Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Instruction Manual for MD-4 Motor Drive - Basic Setup
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