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There are two ways of handling remote photography with the Pentax. Wireless or wired. The Pentax Wireless Remote Control System allows one photographer to do the work of several. It consists of a transmitter, which shoots out a short infrared beam, and any number of receivers, which can be used to activate remote cameras, flash units or even motor drives. Maximum control distance is 60 meters in daylight (farther at night) and the system can transmit and receive on three different channels, for individual control of several receivers from a single transmitter. The transmitter can be mounted on an LX hotshoe, so that the camera's shutter release activates the signal, or it can be controlled separately.

The receiver is powered by a 6V silver battery, although when used with the Motor Drive LX, it can be powered by the motor drive's power source. The transmitter runs on two "AA" batteries. The LX system includes a complete selection of connection cords for wired remote control of shutter or motor drive. A number of convenient operations are possible with wired remote control systems. For example, two motor-driven cameras can be operated simultaneously by connecting both to a single power source via Trigger Cord M. And automatic long-term remote time exposures are possible using the interval timer of Power Pack M, Motor Drive LX, Power Cord M and Bulk Film Magazine LX (I don't have a Pix for this).  

The Infrared Remote Control System in particular, offers an exciting variety of creative possibilities. You may try operating shutter or flash for three remote cameras, either simultaneously or separately by changing channels on the transmitter. Intricate multiple flash setups are possible with no cords or wires.

A single event can be photographed simultaneously from several different angles with continuous motor drive. And of course the remote control system is perfect for subjects either too dangerous or too sensitive for the photographer to be physically present at the scene.

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