Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Nikon F - Camera Instruction Manual


The Nikon F offers the quality performance, handling convenience and versatility you need for truly professional shooting. To get the best results from your camera, a thorough familiarity with its operation is essential. Study the instructions carefully and practice using the controls before loading any film in the camera. Keep this booklet handy for ready reference until you have mastered its basics. Follow the instructions for camera care givenand your Nikon F will always be ready for superlative picture-taking situation.


  1. Depth-of-field preview button Press to preview how much background or foreground is in or out of focus.
  2. Black dot For alignment with the black dot on the lens barrel when removing the lens.
  3. Lens release button Unlocks the lens for removing or changing lenses.
  4. Flash terminal Accepts synchro cord for electronic flash or flash units other than Nikon BC-7.
  5. Self-timer Can be set for picture-taking delay up to 10 seconds.
  6. Mirror lock knob Locks the mirror up out of the way for use with Fisheye Nikkors.
  7. Finder release button For removing the interchangeable viewEinder and focusing screen.
  8. Finder eyepiece Permits comfortable viewing of the entire viewfinder screen, even for eyeglass wearers.
  9. Neck strap eyelet
  10. Film-speed reminder dial Can be set for color or black-and-white, speeds from ASA 25-1600 as a reminder of the type of film loaded in the camera.
  11. Tripod socket Threaded to accept standard tripod screw.
  12. Lock For removing and replacing camera back.
  13. Frame counter Indicates the number of frames exposed.
  14. Film-load reminder Can be set to show whether film loaded is a 20- or 36-exposure roll.
  15. Film-advance lever Advances the film, cocks the shutter and operates the frame counter.
  16. Shutter release button (With screw thread for cable release).
  17. A-R ring Sets for film advance (A) and rewind (R).
  18. Synch-selector ring For flash synchronization control. Sets the camera's synchronization mechanism to match the type of flashbulb and shutter speed.
  19. Synch selector Has color-coded markings for setting the correct flash synchronization.
  20. Shutter speed dial For setting shutter speed from 1/1000 to 1 second plus B and T.
  21. Eye-level pentaprism viewfinder For comfortable, easy viewing, composing and focusing.
  22. Accessory shoe Accepts the Nikon Flash Unit BC-7 or Flash Unit Adapter.
  23. Film-rewind crank Handle folds out for smooth, effortless: film rewinding.
  24. Flash contact For cordless Flash Unit BC-7.
  25. Distance indicator with depth-of-field scale Arrow points to the focused distance on the distance scale. Color-coded markings give depth of field for different apertures.
  26. Focusing ring with distance scale Easy-to-grip, knurled ring for quick, accurate focusing. Distance scale shows focused distance or can be used to prefocus to a measured or estimated distance.
  27. Aperture indicator dot When lined up with the f/numbers engraved on the aperture ring, shows the taking aperture at which the exposure will be made.
  28. Lens aperture ring Used to set the lens diaphragm at the desired f/number.
  29. Slotted couolinq prong For coupling diaphragm to exposure meter.


Loading the Camera

Selecting the Shutter Speed
Setting the Aperture

How to Hold the Camera
Changing the Viewfinder
Changing the Focusing Screen

Changing the Lens
Locking Up the Mirror
Flash Synchronization
Using Self-Timer
Infrared Picture-Taking
Double Exposures

Camera Care
The Nikon Warranty
Nikon F Features/Specifications

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Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Nikon F - Camera Instruction Manual

Credit: This manual is converted by Mr KH Lye. With permission from Shiro Malaysia.

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