Petronas Twin Towers and Suria KLCC @ 2007 Sparkling white Christmas white LEDs decorative lights on an old tropical rain Tree (248k) Loading now ...

What a difference a tree makes...

Recently, Bandaraya (municipality / city council) of Kuala Lumpur did a very innovative decorative work in and around some strategic tourist hot spots in the city by installing these white LEDs lights. The 50+ years old big rain tree locates just opposite the Petronas Twin Towers has a rear treat with this new decorative work. It has literally transformed the otherwise static look at night of this section of the premises into a fantasy Christmas-tree look across the KLCC. White LED light has long been a dream for industrial designers as it emits low heat as well as an extremely low power consumption properties. So, this was the first time in Malaysia that has seen the new breakthrough technology being put to good use for public services. Don't worry - as much as I worry that the light may hurt normal course of growth of the old rain tree but it has little effect on heat emission. Well, this new decorative work has been a hit among tourists. I stopped by just before mid night, has been trying to use different angles to portray the tree along with the Twin Towers as backdrop. As I didn't bring a tripod, so, I just had to lay the camera on the ground or use the rubbish bin as support. Using self timer to avoid movement that might spoil the shots. Well, the trick works. My friend CY has complaint the shots were being too glaring.. and preferred simplicity. Well, this is a new scene around the KLCC. After 8 pages of static shots earlier on specific topic on KLCC and Petronas Twin Towers, these few photos are presented as a different new location and/or perspective of KLCC/Twin Towers as a major landmark of the capital city of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur.

Petronas Twin Towers and Suria KLCC @ 2007 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - galatica look, white LED lights on an old tropical rain tree with Petronas Twin Towers  (268k) Loading now ... VISIT Malaysia Year 2007 50th Anniversary of Independance

The difficult part to get a usable picture with so many light sources and picture elements within the frame is to pre-visualize the eventual effect first, compose them in one frame and avoid overall over exposure can be tricky as ambient light of the surrounding areas can be difficult to master. I had tried a few compositions as well as using different exposures which delivered varying degree of results. Most of the shots were using slow speed exposure which I stopped down to minimum so as to widen depth of field from near to far. Well, I guess I should only display only one Photo in this page - but rather, I have decided to showcased a few as illustrations on the use of different angles and perspective - they are just a lead but I am not use them to inspire - because you don't need to, I guess. | Other weaker Composition |

Personal note:- this is Visit Malaysia Year in 2007. Our country is also celebrating 50th Anniversary of our Independence (1957/2007). This picture serves as a memorial capture for me to value half of a century freedom from the British/foreign colonial rule. Moves on, Malaysia !

Migrating birds circulating the Petronas Twin Towers (200k Jpeg) Loading... a scarely seen photo of migrating birds circulating the Petronas Twin Towers (200k Jpeg) Loading... blurry shot of the rarely seen migrating birds circulating the Petronas Twin Towers (200k Jpeg) Loading...

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6th October, 2007 11.30 p.m. my nephew Eewyn has spotted these untimely arrived visitors and/or direction-less migrating birds which possibly were attracted by the strong lighting of the two towers. They have been circulating around the Petronas Twin Towers for quite a long time. We stopped by and tried to captured them via use of a built in digital zoom function at maximum extension. We got a few acceptable shots due to extreme long lens extension which resulted in shaky hand effect as camera support was only via the foamed edge door of the car. Besides, shutter speed used was probably not adequate to freeze the flowing motion of the birds. Nevertheless, although these may NOT be the most desirable pictures from a photographer critic point of view but - it was such a lovely and scarcely seen nature event happened around the famous Petronas Twin Towers.

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