Part Five - A Showcase of selective Pictures & Photos around KLCC (The Kuala Lumpur City Center) & Petronas Twin Towers
by MIR & friends/ photographers - Season Finale -

Festive Mood@SURIA-KLCC Shopping Mall

cyXmas.jpg An in terior photo of Suria-KLCC Shopping Mall  @ Christmas Eve cyXmas.jpg

<<< ---- Each festive season KLCC Suria is one of the focal point for shoppers (KLCC-SURIA has half a million visitors of traffic flow per week). The center stage will be decorated in vibrant of colours. This view point was captured via use of full frame fisheye to cover the entire main shopping area during a Christmas back in 2003. Credit: Ex-Photo Editor of The Star news daily, CyLeow. Image copyright 2003-2006. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

Picture of Manderin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, Pianist at work A photo of a typical Reception area of KL Manderin Oriental Hotel, KLCC A picture of Coffee & lounge area KLCC, Manderin Oriental Hotel a photo of KLCC Manderin Hotel, public Lift area

A few pictures to illustrate the warmth ambient of an evening at KL Mandarin Oriental Hotel during a business meeting.. The hotel was among the first phase of KLCC development. The KLCC property management has successfully invited this first class hotel management group who has made Mandarin Bangkok as the world's best business hotel for 5 consecutive years back in the '90 to provide their management expertise in ensuring the KLCC has a easily access, comfortable accommodation for all visitors who intend to make a longer leisure or business stay in Kuala Lumpur. Today, the Mandarin Oriental was a hot favorite for Middle East travelers or their vacations. (203k / 216k / 200k / 230k Jpeg)

Year in Year out ... just like the on going development around KLCC which may take the next 20 years to finish - so do this site. IF you have the patience to browse until the Gallery Four - Either the pictures shown so far were deemed better than average or just because the Search Engine has pointed to this section of the site for the specific keyword used in your search.

Shooting Direction
Haven't you noticed virtually more than 80% of the photos/pictures of KLCC/SURIA/Petronas Twin Towers & surroundings development displayed herein were taken from the left and rear section of the KLCC/Petronas Twin Towers ? Simple. As my office is just located at Wisma Central and KLCC Public Park is the place where I almost having daily (almost) walk and light jogging during the evening. There are plenty of photographic opportunities around this magnificent structure. See the PINK arrows ? I have only covered mostly from the right hand side of the structure and thus, I hope this illustration can inspire you to go out and explore more. Beside. inside each of this state of the art buildings has PetroSains centre, Philharmonic, Main Shopping mall of SURIA-KLCC, Sky Bridge, Petroleum Museum by Petronas and even has a first-class hospital ! The surrounding developments such as KLCC Convention Centre, Aquaria KLCC, Exxon-Mobile, Maxis, The Mosque, Children Playground, Symphony fountain, and the newly developed High End Condo "Brinjai" - any of these can be your photographic subject. Except for the professional photographers of mine such as Vincent Thian from Associated Press ("AP"), CyLeow, Ex-Photo Editor of the Star Newspaper and some other fellow-enthusiasts who have generously contributed their GREAT photos/Pictures of KLCC here.
I am NOT a Pro by any standard, yet I am able to share some reasonably acceptable images for this showcase with the sole purpose of creating a " lead". So if you are a local or one with a much better creative vision & equipment- just be a confident Malaysian ! (foreign submissions are also welcomed. You can mail your pictures to Zain Abdullah, the appointed Editor, as usual, it is a free sponsorship comnunity section of MIR site.

From here onwards, I will minimize exposure of my personal works and would not like to be seen as creatng a personal showcase,
So, I will leave the subsequent pages to showcase or share your own creative visual works. Have some fun & enjoy the web.

-leofoo. 2005 -

Note:- Except for the few (Linhof 617 & my 23 years old Nikon F3/T,
Most of these pictures were captured via a portable digital compact camera (Canon G1, G2 & Pro 1 for recent ones) in either high-res RAW or Jpeg files,

A night photo of KLCC, Maxis building with the rising Moon & the rain trees...


One of the secondary attraction along Jalan Ampang where the Suria-KLCC/Petronas Twin Towers locates is the endless rows of huge, leguminous tropical rain trees (could be falls under the Albizia saman or Samanea saman species). Each of these trees could have been planted more than half a century ago (some claimed a few of them close to 100 years..). Their leaves of these trees fold together in cloudy weather and in darkness. and the trees may attain heights of 80 ft (24 m) with a branch spread of up to 100 ft (30 m). The rain trees are a common sight in Malaysia as it, other than provides good shades, cool the tropical heat waves and it also "emit oxygen" ..... This photo was just taken in front of my office at Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang. The moon was a little covered by the tree trunk, preferably, another half an hour of wait when it shifts to the right would be better, but never mind, as I don't have the is just a picture withe sole purpose to fill up this quickly done Photo Showcase...

ANYONE still keep OLD, historical pictures/photos of the Selangor Turf Club or images of KLCC during construction stage ? | contact |

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