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KLCC at pre-dawn  photo  by David Astley¨ª
A beautiful pre-dawn landscape of Kuala Lumpur city with its prominent landmark The PETRONAS Twin Towers conspicuously visible and are standing far taller than the rest of the buildings.
This picture was shot by
David Astley.  David regards himself as an advanced amateur photographer with keen interest in Asian culture. He travels regularly around Asian countries and during his travels he has photographed various interesting Asian lifestyle, architecture and landscape. His specific works on Malaysia can be viewed at his gallery.

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Guest Artist' Work

Another wonderful shot of The PETRONAS Twin Towers by David Astley taking advantage of the golden warm cast of the late evening light. Images copyright 2005, David Astley ® please respect the visual property of the contributing photographers in this site.
KLCC pictures by David Astley¨ª

Suria-KLCC Petronas Twin Towers in the evening ....

 This splendid silhouetted scenic of KLCC which is made up of The PETRONAS Twin Towers and The Menara Maxis was taken by my fellow Malaysian photographic enthusiast Leonard Yang.  Leonard Yang is also one of the founding members and moderators of a Malaysian photography forum lensamalaysia.com.  He can be contacted at jaypeg.yang AT gmail DOT com

Another interesting view of Petronas Twin Towers@KLCC by my long time friend, Arthur Teng®. I think the viewpoint of this photo was the Bank Simpanan Nasional. It is an interesting composition. Arthur website is also creaded by MIR, you can acessed via:- www.ArthurTeng.com

The entire KLCC project with KL Skyline .... by Vincent Thian, AP


Another great view of Surau@KLCC by my friend, Vincent Thian®. A 60,000 capacity multi-levels Asy-Syakirin Mosque which has it main hall built at under ground level. By the way, Vincent is also the Chief Editor for Asian photogs.org


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Part SIX - A public showcase of selective Pictures & Photos
around KLCC (The Kuala Lumpur City Center) & Petronas Twin Towers
by MIR & friends/ photographers

** Opened for Public Submissions **
Contact:- Mr. Zain Abdullah, Editor for this Section
To avoid this showcase turning into a public junkyard, Pre-evaluation of any submitted works may apply. hehe..

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