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Yeah yeah.. some personal friends of mine may know this is where I live. I took this panorama shot from my bedroom's balcony. I used this picture here again simply because of the unobstructive view of this Y2K shot will never be same anymore because the center/bottom section of this photo has been blocked by the newly completed Trader's Hotel as well as The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). So, just as an archive, I presented this picture again in this site - solely for remembering how KLCC/Petronas Twin Towers used to look from this angle.

A photo of Exxon-mobile building at KLCC daylight Exxon-Mobile building at night - KLCC night fall

Should I remind some of you that the ESSO (now ExxonMonile) Building is also part of KLCC development (One of the earliest First Phase of its development plan). I probably have taken this two day/night view 2-3 years back. The landscape is slightly different in 2005 as the BinJai Condo, another 2nd phase project is half way in it completion now. (210k / 218k Jpeg)

Other than the main aim of providing a more presentable actual view of how KLCC looks like - regardless for promotion in tourism for our country or for research purpose, some of you may also ask what am I trying to achieve by creating this showcase. Answer is SIMPLE. I am trying to create a proper channel in the midst of traffic for some of you who may have taken some real good pictures of KLCC/Petronas Twin Towers but never had the chance to expose your work via the web. MIR has grown into a 10-million hits a month community website today, since I have the enormous volume of traffic, don't you think it is kind of wasteful for not redirecting or provide some of the fellow talented countrymen an open opportunity to showcase their works as well ? The MIR's Portfolio section is rather underutilized all these while partly is due to photographer's inability to provide wealth (& depth) of their work to create a full-scaled personal site (I filtered many of them on eligibility). So, the idea of creating a THEME-based portfolio for all who may have singular or a handful of great pictures to share with the many other photographers is the best option I can think of right now. This is my personal showcase and extend my invitation to others as well (other than my personal invited guest artists) and it was intended to create another filtering process to as to ensure a minimal standard in quality of works be maintained

Well, I will NOT referred all the works (photos) displayed herein section of this KLCC/Petronas Twin Towers site are exceptional images. But I am comfortably to quote MOST are GOOD and may be 10% can be regarded as GREAT. I am equally confident to think they are a huge pool of local photographic talents out there (especially the local/foreign working professionals who, may be most often bonded by terms of contracts for their commissioned assignments). Anyway, watever the purpose and reasonings, but I do wish everyone knows our process of creating MIR's own image library (www.IMAGES.com.my) - I was thinking partly, the creation of that business extension by MIR be able to partly resolve issue in the lack of channel for local photographers in exploring potential commercial viability of thier visual works. So, for those who "bermati-mati" think I may have hide a hidden agenda, you can use this to buck at me. But before you do that - just think WHY would MIR hurts another Malaysian in this respect ? That was simply the last thing in our mind, so, just be an open-minded Malaysian, attack other's market instead of letting foreign stock agencies to assault us...

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A photo of KLCC/Petronas Twin Towers  during the evening
It is not necessary just to specifically plan a photographic session on a public building such as KLCC. Most often, the time and light of the day may just spoil all you have planned for. For those who lives or work in the city centre, perhaps when you are so happened to be around in this place or merely passing by the KLCC/Petronas Twin Towers area, take a good look around and think WHERE and HOW you would think will be the best spot to present another new view. I took this in my car, while waiting for my daughter for her tuition class in front of Lai Meng Primary School, Jalan Ampang. The busy evening traffic flow would really spoilt the attention to the building, so, I have to tilt upward a little to exclude the vehicles. It is not a particularly great shot but it presents another view of KLCC and surrounding buildings that projects the warmth atmosphere of a typical good evening in Kuala Lumpur.

a picture of along KLCC Jalan Ampang day view The MAIN issue here for me to highlight is, always try to keep a camera readily in your car, because you won't know what to expect next. (203k Jpeg)

You really don't need a high end camera for this ever-ready purpose, but just a handy tool, so, a used unit with reasonably good zoom lense should be more appropriate for this purpose. Below is another view I took in the morning.

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