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White Jade Buddha, YU FO SI, Shanghai
(This stunning mid-scale Buddha statue was crafted from a single block of Burmese jade, measures approx. 4 -1/2 feet tall at its original sitting position)

The Shanghai YU FO SI temple is located at ANYUAN ROAD, a site almost situated at heart of the old town PUXI area. When compare with many other temples in China, YuFoSI has roughly a background of 120 years history - not entirely be considered as very old. How the name was deprived was believed to be started from a monk named HUIGENG, who originated from PUTUO SHAN temple, he took a personal journey to Tibet but on the way back, had decided to divert to Burma (now Myanmar) first; got himself brought back with five very high quality jade crafted Buddha statues. On his way back to Pu Tuo Shan temple, he stopped by at Shanghai, amidst the period where the city was going though political changes during that time, the city was filled with gang fight, crimes, drug war under a unstable political environment, that was a time probably was during the foreign territorial occupation period during the late Qing Dynasty. He hence had decided to leave two of his collection, one sitting and another leaning Buddha at Shanghai, hopefully with Mercy of Lord Buddha would instill some teaching and practice of Buddhism for the locals. Prior to his return to PUTUO Shan, he had spent six years tried to pursuade the rich for donation with a peace of land catered for residing the two Buddha statues and that was how the current 10 acres of prime land for YUFOSI temple was started.

Today, the YUFOSI can be considered as one of the 10 hot spot for tourist visits in Shanghai. However, most visitors probably would never be able to find whereabouts are the two original jade Buddha locate in the temple. I was quite lucky via persistent requests and eventually with help through some senior, but incredibly helpful monks of the temple who eventually lead me to one of the wooden staircase which leads up to upstairs in a small cottage, here it is, what I had witnessed can easily be regarded as one of the two most beautiful Buddha Statues I had came across * ! As I have said many times, personally, Burma/Myanmar can make the most beautiful jade Buddha statues and here can be another testimonial for my claim. The lovely Buddha image was crafted from a single piece of white jade (not that white but who cares ?) with facial expression of delicacy and details. It is an incredibly stunning Buddha, a work of art and it is so beautiful and inviting even if you are only a visitor. The ambiance inside the small where it is placed is different where you walked inside would feel calm and peacefulness that it naturally projects.

Here, I find myself so close to Lord Buddha.

* Another is the White Jade Buddha statue residing at SANBAODONG, Ipoh, Malaysia. NOTE: This temple would require Entrance Fee charged. This particular location also prohibits taking photos, as the Buddha is so beautiful, and I couldn't resist the temptation and has stealth, had a few shots to show all of you, sorry!



Address: 170, ANYUAN LU, Puxi, Shanghai. TEL:- 021-62663668 Email: webmaster@yufotemple.org



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