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Nang Kwak: I mentioned earlier that I have two Nang Kwak installed in my office, right ? Don't get excited, they are not one of an exotic kind of images but the first set has been there for approx. 15 years.

Well, one evening I noticed the sun was quite favorable with the evening sun project a perfect side lighting through my glass window, I decided to take some pictures with the Nang Kwak in my office since the pages of the "Statue" section of this site was still quite fragile in graphic content. In fact, later when I realized the lighting was still permissible for me to take another few snaps, I brought another setup in my own room for photography as well. So, here are my two setups that can be found in my office - nothing to shout about with their age or background BUT I think they have been "serving" me me fine all these while simply because my businesses are quite "smooth" since the day when Uncle Wichien installed it at our office (In fact, it was his first installation for me before he got the three medium scale images for my home as well as a follow-up set for my buddy, Paul kw Lim). Despite 1-1/2 decade of constant "feeding" with jossstick and smoke, this image is still preseving quite well, each time, Wichien ccme round to Kuala Lumpur, he will spend an hour or so to chant. I don't know the source of this image - because it is fine with me and neither I bother. Beautiful pictures huh ? I thought so...

NangkwakAfront.jpg NangkwakARear.jpg

NangkwakAsideb.jpg NangkwakAsidea.jpg

nangkwak2frnt.jpg nangkwak2Sidea.jpg

nangkwak2Rear.jpg nangkwak2Base.jpg

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