Nak Prok Acquired back at 40 years ago. This old bronze image was believed to be aged around 700-800 years old. It is one of the prized collection that displays at home of Uncle Wichien in Kuala Lumpur. The respective explosive views will show the details and craftsmanship of olden days of how metallic statues were being molded and produced. This image was also one of the favorite of his late wife who performs ritual chanting daily as early as 4 a.m. for the last 20 years. (image dimension: approx. 12"). - Uncle Wichien® -




Phra Seewalee, LP Thuad: An old figure made by the late Archan Tim, Wat Changhai, Chaingwat Pattani, Southern Thailand A popular Thai statue signifies for prosperity, particularly good for businessman. Aged around 40-50 years. (image dimension: approx. 8"). - Uncle Wichien® -

LPthuadSideMdm.jpg LPthuadFrontMdm.jpg LPthuadRearMdm.jpg

LP Thuad, Wat Changhai, Pattani. Southern Thailand: As gradually LP Thuad has began to gain its recognition as one of the best image for protection, safety and for business prosperity, older images of this types are very hard to find. This old image came from one of the most reputable temples that has produced a series of high quality LP Thuad images. This image, produced by the late Archan Tim, was even much older in age than the comparing LP Thuad Liang that displays at the next section. Originally, it came in a pair ( The next image was installed at Wichien's son work place- who operates a very famous and successful hair stylist shop at Sg. Wang, Kuala Lumpur). It is another favorite image between Wichien and his late wife. (image dimension: approx. 6").- Uncle Wichien® -




"Jiang Sen", "Wu Thong" & "Sukhothai": Familiar ? Yes, because this set of three lovely medium scale images was similar to mine, they have been installed approx. 15 years ago at my partner, Mr. KW Lim® house almost immediately after Uncle Wichien® got my set readily for my house. I remembered he told me, they are the last batch where after long persuasion to the Monks at the temple before they release this set for him. The original images were a little "dusty" as they have been keeping the front desk of the temple for worshipping public to pray. These probably have been clean thoroughly before Paul shot the pictures with a Sony 717 Digital camera for me. Paul also has a collection of amulets showcased in this site. (image dimension: approx. 18 (center) & 16").

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