"I have spent more than 2,500 hours underwater merely for this project "Malaysia, Beneath the Waves". Covering thousands of square miles, stretching from the tropical waters of Peninsular Malaysia, the South China Sea and East Malaysia, finally finishing at Pulau Sipadan off the east coast of island of Borneo, Day dives, night dives... calm water, rough waves, monsoon, strong winds. Fighting the feeling of fear at times, home sick and months of painstaking monk-liked lifestyle.

Encountering some unexpected, exciting, horrified moments underwater, captured thousands of images, damaged and lost half a dozen cameras and equipment, found new techniques, survival skills and most important of all, made many friends along the way.

Hereby I am presenting some extracts among the hundreds of images from my latest publication after a lapse of 6 years since my first book, Sipadan Island - Borneo's Underwater Paradise.

Enjoy ! "

- Michael Patrick Wong -

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Michael's latest Video, "Sipadan - Secret of the Turtles' Tombs" was recently featured on the National Geo.gif TV

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