Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Oxberry Pro 5 Camera Based on a Nikon F-3

Oxberry Pro 5 Camera Based on a Nikon F-3 that has been highly modified by Oxberry for exact film movement. Uses 35mm 36 or 24 exp. roll film. Computerized controller moves film with exact pin registration placement of each frame. The film can be moved to any specific frame on the roll and then back to the first frame without any drift of the film.

Exposure times can be timed from .01 sec to 99.99 seconds. You can set a time lapse between frames and program the controller to shoot the whole roll of film. You can program to skip frames and program multiple exposures or you can program it to run through a cycle of predetermined moves, and then if you want you can tell the camera to move back to any frame and start the cycle all over again.

The camera can be used on the F-3’s Automatic setting if you were doing a time lapse sequence with changing lighting conditions. It comes with Nikon DW-4 Magnifying Viewfinder, wicked Oxberry focusing screen with 100% viewfinder accuracy. The camera was about USD$9000-00 when new, I have had it since 1992 and used it for multiple exposure over lays and as a copy stand camera, this was originally used by the military to photograph computer screens for some satellite project. I have the manual and other information from Oxberry. Camera works great and accepts almost all Nikon Lenses, I use it primarily with the 60mm macro lens......"

Tom <>

Credit: There are few people I would like to thank on the compiled information pertaining to this special Nikon F3 appearing in this section: Hong-Sien Kwee <> the contributor who sent in the various images of the Nikon F2 Pin camera mail and informed me there is a Nikon F3 Pin SLR for sale at EBay, he wrote: " ... There is an F3 camera with another Pin Registered back from Oxberry being auctioned on eBay right now... his is the best Pin Registered back system made in the past, and would be areaway nice added information to your F3 site. The site address is: Maybe you can convince the seller to send you some pics and the information...."

I was amazed when I first saw the camera and I was pretty excited. I mailed Chuck Hester, my friend in Arizona, US and asked if he could help again by asking the Seller, Mr Tom <> whether we can use his images to beef up the content in the Nikon F3 site. Chuck was a genius and really a great diplomat (he should be hired to assist President Bush to resolve matter of the spy plane issue with China....). He replied shortly with "....You have his permission to use the images. see attached correspondence. - In a message dated 4/6/01 10:14:06 AM, writes:

<< As I previously mentioned it is an information resource site only. You may contact him direct . I help him with images and information from here in the U.S. By the way I am located in Phoenix. >> "....Yes he can use the pics, I could not find the photo part of his page or it would not load. Just making sure I am not spending my time and money helping other people sell their stuff. Have a good day - Tom - <>.."

So all these nice people on earth are the ones you should thank if you think you have benefited from information published in this site.

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Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Oxberry Pro 5 Camera Based on a Nikon F-3

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