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A Brief Version History of Various Wat Pak Nam Thai Buddhist AmuletsFrom Early to Current state:- Sizes displayed at the bottom of this unique Thai amulet are not to-scale. Early batches (and 5th batch) have a smaller dimension. The 4th version has an alternate triangle shape. There could be of more variations but these showcased units are acquire from various sources and acts as a quick reference guide. The Thai master is often referred as LP Sodh Or LP Sod or even affectionately referred as Luang Phor WAT PAK NAM / Wat PakNam by the locals.

Early Versions (1st Batch) of Wat Pak Nam Amulets 1950-MID '50

Below are merely some versions that existed. There could be other forms with varying degree in appearance and the showcased units cannot be conclusive all the produced pieces are in similar state.
The early batch of Wat Paknam amulets could have been began production as early as 1950 (some prototypes were surfaced over the years). 10 molds were used. One of the main ingredient was believed to be the chalk retained during teaching sessions, added with others materials (minus the blessing by LP Sodth).

watpaknam1stFrntMdmB.jpg watpaknam1stfrntMdmA.jpg watpaknam1stRearMdm.jpg

Wat Pak Nam by LP SOD by Datin Pratinya

Wat Paknam early editon by Rock Raymond, front view Wat Paknam early editon by Rock Raymond, Rear section view

uncle Wichian personal collections

Datin Pratinya

Raymond Goh's personal collection

Wat Paknam roon 1, leofoo

Wat Paknam Roon 1 personal collection

Wat Paknam Roon 1 personal collection rear section

Wat Paknam Roon 1 another personal collection front section

Wat Paknam Roon 1 another personal collection rear section

a personal image roon 1 (far left), acquired from lady Mongkowan; another two that "professor" arhnor from Bangkok that got for me.

Explosive Views are available (click on respective thumbnail(s) above

During the 50' where technique of molding and production was not perfect (mostly be hand made) which has resulted for early versions of Wat Pak Nam images are not "pretty" as you may wish it to be like modern days images. There are said to be 10 different molds have been used for the entire production of first batch of this Wat Pak Nam votive amulets (according to Lek's site, he believed to have rounded up to approx. 80+ thousand pieces, minus the "rejected/defective" ones with quality issues in production or even pre-production units which seemingly some have fallen in hands of collectors as well. The different time/method of production, mixture of properties and other variable factors (such as density of lacquered applied onto) have singularly or in combination contributed to its varying colours and texture. Basically, just like the early Soomdej images, the cemented powdered form can be easily broken, where a solution was developed by applying lacquered to hold its form. Most WAK PAK NAM early images have scripts behind (rear section) but there a short production that don't. Many people have tried to using modern technique to decode its composition, except in the ability to "break the code" in LP Sodh extraordinary holy power in his own chanting method for the production of these amulets. Early batches of Wat PakNam images can be very expensive which fall way out of the ordinary as they have categorized to be highly collectible pieces. Here is one example which claimed to have auctioned successfully for USD8,888-00 (Note:- No way to verify as it is a web medium as another auction at Ebay sale (again, claimed to be 2nd batch) and settled for a buy-it-now price of merely USD300-00 (I have downloaded the images but without permission I can't publish here). So, when deal with this nature of buy and sell via the Net, you would need to exercise your own wisdom.

I am not expert into authentication of origin. Perhaps one of the BEST Internet site I can find that provides good verification method for SOME early versions of Wat Pak Nam images by LP Sodh is written by lekwatruak. CLICK HERE or bookmarked http://www.angelfire.com/art/thaiamulet/pn1.html Please take note Lek's site are using a few common form and may not be applying to possibly all early WPN images. Below are some shown pieces in varying colours and textures.

Early Versions (third Batch) of Wat Pak Nam Amulets produced between 1956~

Wat Paknam roon 3 Wat Paknam roon 3 rear section

A personal gift of a Wat Paknam Roon 3 from a friend. She kept this for the last 40+ years.

Below are merely some versions that existed. There could be other forms with varying degree in appearance and the showcased units cannot be conclusive all the produced pieces are in similar state. The third batch could have been produced in 1956 and stretched to 1959 until the great Guru was passed away in 1959. Some collectors segmented the 3rd batch into two categories where one has a deeper/shallower imprint on the details where the differences are the use of mold of the first batch was used while the deeper cut version uses a modified mold to produce. The third batch of Wat Paknam amulets were widely believed to be the last version made under the supervision and blessing of LP Sodth.



Wat Paknam 4th batch

Wat PakNam 4th batch front / Back

Wat Paknam Uncle Wichian 4th Batch

Legent Lim 4th Batch

private unit 4th Batch

Wak Paknam Precious stones version front view

Wak Paknam Precious stones version Rear view

Purt's (Thailandamulet.com) stated his 4th Batch has a different display at rear section.
Note the base (LOTUS) section in all these are all different from standard classic design.

An example of a Wat Paknam precious stone "luxurous version" shallow mold design; this version has a different size from standard version

4th Batch with precious stones,
submitted by Mr.

Wat Paknam precious stone version

Wat Paknam image by Luong Phor SODH

Wat Paknam precious stone another version  Wat Paknam precious stone version

Wat PakNam 4th batch FAKED

Wat Paknam Precious Stone version has a significantly LARGER dimension than standard classic size of a Wat Paknam. The distribution of the gem stones can be very different from piece to piece becuase they were sowed onto manually. another piece in a whiter colour was given to Uncle Wichien as my personal gift. (Click and see the REAR SECTION) to see the distribution of gem pieces.

A private collection version versus a top quality faked WPN amulet of a 4th Batch (Roon Si);

Early Versions (4th Batch) of Wat Pak Nam Amulets (Rectangular Shape) 1971~EARLY '80
Below are merely some versions that existed. There could be other forms with varying degree in appearance and the showcased units cannot be conclusive all the produced pieces are in similar state.

The fourth generation of wat Pak Nam images is more popular due to a few reasons: First, it was more affordable to public. Secondly, other than basic ingredients, the fourth batch actually mixed with broken or reject pieces of the first, second and third batches during production. Strangely, people that I talked to was more fond of either the first or the forth generation of Wat Pak Nam. Except for other reasons that leads to its popularity, there are few significant issues with the forth batch: Firstly, it is made larger than earlier third batch, the mold has seemingly being designed to be perfected to enable to go for mass scale production and the images are clearer in its various detailed texture Next, this batch was probably the first that provides a variant in a triangular shape alternative (as well as a rare pieces of precious stones applied onto (at the rear section). Between the standard production unit, there is a variant which has a "Por" Thai inscription where some other added ingredient were added onto which make the "Por"version fetches a higher value than standard rectangular and triangular versions. Some collectors said the triangular shape of Wat Pak Nam were meant more for women users but I find this hardly convincing. Further, there are probably few groups, separates between the used of molds (like new faced, old faced, cracked mold version and even without script imprinting at the rear section etc.) Well, the only triangular shaped WPN I used to own was given to my sister in law (see the image at the lower section) and she deeply believes in it for her smooth professional carrier advancement. Perhaps, one last issue was, most people think it was also the last batch that has enjoyed the blessing of the late great Guru Monk. I was told by uncle Wichien that the fourth batch actually has another variant in the classic rectangular form where every 250 pieces in production has a slightly smaller version where it has a different designation (see above for one of the (center image, currently version I had was also similar to this).

This section of the site is LOOKING for contribution on Precious stone version of Wat Paknam 4th, 6th and 7th batches. Please help to contribute photos as illustrations.

Relating to versions / batches of Thai amulets:
" ...In every batch of amulets from their series normally got 4 different mold. Amulets of LP Sod of Wat Pak Nam no.7 series got 27 batches 108 molds . Sometimes it also got special batch special mold amulets for their Wat committee member or big sponsor. Quantity of amulets from every mold from every batch also diffrent. Wat Pak Nam no.4 series got 3 batches 12 molds..." - Raymond Goh- (rockraymond168@yahoo.com)

Early Versions (4th Batch) of Wat Pak Nam Amulets (Triangular Shape), 1971~EARLY '80
watpaknam4triangfrntMdm.jpg watpaknam4triangRearMdm.jpg watpaknam4triangRearMdm.jpg watpaknam4triangRearMdm.jpg Different script version Different script version - triangle shape Comparing Square/rectangle and triangle shape of Wak Paknam - unusual version Comparing Square/rectangle and triangle shape of Wak Paknam

Front / Rear Section)

Front / Rear Section)

This version has a
different scripts at the back

An unusual version

Size comparison between rectangle and triangle shape of 4th batch of my Wat Paknam

5th Batch / version of Wat Pak Nam Amulets, 1983~LATE '80

Ratanakosin version of Wat Pak Nam 5th batchChiang Saen (Sain)  version of Wat Pak Nam 5th batchWu Thong version of Wat Pak Nam 5th batchSukhorthai version of Wat Pak Nam 5th batch

The fifth batch was different in two main areas. Firstly - it departed from any of other Wat Pak Nam classic form of rectangular shape. Secondly, it is significantly smaller in its overall dimension (see a comparison of two images below). I had recently given one of these and thought it makes a good amulet for ladies due to its smaller size. The few basic form in the 5th batch may separated into Wu Thong, Jiang Saen, Sukhothai, Ratanakosin, I am not sure if there are more version. I have seen many versions are in pinkish, yellowish, brown or even in gray colour. The fifth batch was produced under another master. This was introduced between 1983/5 and also used to commemorate 100 years of the glate great master, LP Sodth. 25th molds were used.

Size comparison between version 5th & 4th, 6th, 7th batches
Front / Rear Section)

6th Batch / version of Wat Pak Nam Amulets, 1989 ~ EARLY '90

Batch sixth was introduced in 1989 and has reverted back to Classic design in a rectangular shape. Similar to the 4th batch, the 6th batch also provides many versions (some sources said a total of 40+ molds were being used). There are special production units (as well as a luxurious precious stones versions). As when the 7th batch released. The sixth generation of Wat Pak Nam images gradually begin to appreciate in value. As a guideline, Wat Pak Nam images was actually retailed at the temple for around RM10-00 per piece. The sixth is retailing over RM100-00 at some outlets in Kuala Lumpur. Similarly, the 7th batch (shown below) is also released at the temple at only RM10-00 a piece. The second row illustrates the gem stones version. The rear section could be in two design with and without gem stones.

similar to this).

7th Batch / version of Wat Pak Nam Amulets , 1992-2000+
(left: power / right: metal pendant)
The seventh Batch was first shown in 1992. Similarly, many modls were used which resulted in the Wat Paknam MK VII had one of the most diverse types in colours and material versions. Sources said a total of 61 molds and 8 versions with precious stones were being made. The luxurious versions may have single (stone size and location varies), to four stones. Some are placed at the bottom (lotus section); while most are placed at the raised palm area. Multiples units version are generally located at the lotus seat section.

unverified LP Sod back section  medallion unverified LP Sod back section  medallion unverified LP Sod medallion unverified LP Sod back section  medallion Wat Pak Nam Metal amulet Jen Hwa

click for explosive view(s) This version was what I get from Wat Paknam temple in 2006 - different from the series shown at the far right (LEFT: Front / Rear Section)

an unusual Wat Paknam series with LP Sodh as the main subject Front / Rear Section)

Temple donation 2433 (approx. 17 years)
commeorative set by
Jen Hwa

This section of the site is LOOKING for contribution on Precious stone version of Wat Paknam 4th, 6th and 7th batches. Please help to contribute photos as illustrations.

Some possible variants (Amulets or metal Pendants) relating to LP Sodh and Wat Paknam:-

Wat Paknam Metal Pendant

This metal pendant was distributed "free" by the current Abbot of Wat PakNam and I don't think they are meant for sale. See the bowl of these pendant next to the chief at the earlier pages. But I notice he doesn't just give away to everyone that come to worship him. Another view in the plastic oval-shaped casing. You may lend a hand in the development of this section.
Wat Paknam Metal Pendant 100 years commemorative

Credit: Mr. Thanin Boonrod

Lunag Phor Sodh 20th century commeorative piece Front view
This 20th Century commemorative Nickel Piece of the late Guru Monk was found via an online sale by Reinitz-Asset-Liquidations@EBAY

Lunag Phor Sodh 20th century commeorative piece rear section view

Crystal Buddhist gifts

Click for explosive view. A set of 8 medealion from Wat Paknam. It has a circular image and a gold plated Sangajai in the series

<<<--- During Songkran festival 2007. I visited Wat Paknam again and notice these lovely crystal pieces being sold for the first time during the new year. It makes a perfect gifts for ladies.
This was officially produced in BE.2527 (1984) along the dream of Khun Saowanee. In the dream, she was in the main hall of Wat paknam and met Luang Por Sod there. Luang Por Sod has given her this medal and called "Udom Somboon Poonsuk" which means extreme wealth. She was then producing this medal of her dream to cerebrate 100 yrs old of Luang Por Sod in the year 1984....". - Thanin -

Wat Paknam Amulet set in case Wat Paknam Amulet set in case by other temples Wat Paknam Amulet Pendant in steel casing

Some Wat Paknam amulets cased as set and versions prodced by other temples. For an example, the right with a pair of LP Ngern and LP Sodth and another which was said to be a produce of Wat Doi Thep Nimitr, Chiangrai Province, Nothern Thailand and not by Wat Paknam.

Unverfied Wat Pak Nam image FRONT VIEW Unverfied Wat Pak Nam image REAR VIEW
Verifying a genuine and fake Wat Pak Nam image can be a very difficult process. For an instance, until now the image that I had which shown at the left hand side can be very challenging to make certain that if it is a genuine produce of Wat Pak Nam. Never mind, this piece is one of the rare units that has made me feel so uncomfortable, so, I just laid it at my office along with some Buddha statues which I worship. An advice from me is: IF you are not certain, just get a newer series such as the 4th batch or the subsequent series. Many people argue whether which series are the best but I am not too keen in debating over this topic. First to the third batch of the WPN is expensive and hard to find; some collectors think the fourth version may be worthy of a collecting value but personally, I strongly against spending too much time and money for amulets. IF you have not owned an amulet and wish to look for one, that is fine. Basically, they are not being created by the respective Guru Monks to be appreciated in value but to spread some seeds of Buddhism to all walks of life and also aims to extend the Buddha blessing to the owner who may be donating some fund for the issuing temple. Just remember that..

Wall Picture Wat Pak Nam.jpg
Download a Wall Picture for your computer
1024 x 768) or see MORE ...

PERSONAL NOTE: You may notice this section have no illustration for a "missed" link of 2nd batch. What has happened to 2nd batch ? I was told the difference between the first and second was just those who went out of the temple faced the easy cracked issue and hence a layer of coating applying onto them. The difference is actually quite muddy between the early batches. Send me information if you have any between the details in differentiating among the few early batches. Secondly, faked Wat Pak Nam amulets (Seen a Faked WAT PAKNAM before ?) are flooding in the market too (really hate these guys creating such things for commercial gains...as it defies the basic spirit as a Buddhist..). The showcased items above are also provide a visual guide to this unique Image Form. Overall - I would say In no way this is a good site as I still think it can be greatly improved upon in a few ways. My original intention is to provide a path for those who may be seeking some basic information on LP Sodh or Wat Pak Nam. However, If you have other relative stories, images or knowledge in LP Sodh and/or Wat Pak Nam images, do use the Message Board to establish initial contact (But I discourage out of this world kind of story lines), I am more than happy for others to lend a hand in making this site better in its content and in other resources. THANKS YOU.

Wat Pak Nam logo and LINK

Official Site of WAT PAK NAM (in Thai)

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By the way, if you have a question, nothing is better for you to contact the source of these amulets i.e. the temple OR via their official site (link is provided just above this line).
Address of Wat Pak Nam:
Address: WAT PAK NAM No. 8 Therdthai Road, Bhasicharoen (Phasi Charoen), Bangkok 10600 Kingdom of Thailand. Tel: 600-4670811, 4574001

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