LP Sodh of Wat Pak Nam overseeing visitors and devottees, Bangkok

A typical old Wak Pak Nam amulet (Front)

A typical old Wak Pak Nam amulet (back)

The main hall of
the temple houses
a statue of Luang
Phor with
laminate the
entire statue
with religious
gold foils.


Wat Pak Nam amulet in Triangle shape (front)   Getting to this temple can be via road or river. During older days visitors are more fond of using the boat from Tha Chang or Tha Saphan Phut. My chartered driver had some difficulties to locate via the road as his previously visit many years ago was also via the river; next, the location has more than half a dozen other reasonably good scale Thai temples and you may have some hard time pinpointing the exact location. I was told if you intend to get there, just mentioned the place of Wak Pak Nam at "Talaku", Phunpuri area (officially, it was at Toed Thai Road, Bhasicharoen, Thonburi). The many small alleys that leads to the temple is very narrow; the compound is clustered with many buildings. It does has a large hall lie other established Thai temples but was packed with devotees that come from everywhere. Other than helpful monks that show you the way into, there are nuns offer help at the reception.

Wat Pak Nam amulet in Triangle shape (Rear)

One of the main attraction which first time visitors could miss out is the upstairs where a very high-quality Luang Phor Sodh (Sod) statue was hosted - the entrance to the upstairs is just located next to the gold-foils covered main statue at the ground floor (see the photo above). Below are a series of photos that provide a visual journal for those who may not be able to make a personal trip. Note: unlike many other established temples in Bangkok - there is NO entrance fees required to any part of this temple (great..)..

Wat Pak Nam Tour Entrance road reception

Wat Pak Nam Tour Main Entrace Arc

Wat Pak Nam Tour Entrance Sign Board

Wat Pak Nam Tour - Temple entrace hall

Side building for sorting and distribution of donated items from devottees

One of the older structure using teak wood as the central beam

A view from another annexed building

The texture reminds me of the Wak Pak Nam amuelts in white

Indide Wat Pak Nam

The main statue of Luang Phor Sod at Wat Pak Nam

The ceiling of the Wat Pak Nam shown in classic ancient architecture

The current chief monk / abbot of Wat Pak Nam talking to visiting monks

Visiting monks Wat Pak Nam

visiting or house monks at Wat Pak Nam

volunteered nuns and monks at Wat Pak Nam sorting and distributing contributing stuffs from devotteee

Nuns at help at Wat Pak Nam

The resting place of LP Sod at upstairs inside Wat Pak Nam

Peaceful surrounding for prayers

The side devoting area for other Gurus

One f the displayed sets at the side building

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