The statue of Luang Phor Sodh of Wat Pak Nam, Bhasicharoen, Bangkok (88k) Loading ...

a 5th batch amulet from Wat Pak Nam

A highly realistic
carbon-fibre glass
made statue of
Luang Phor Sodh
at the first floor of
Wat Pak Nam.

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Wat Pak Nam emblem


An original first bacth of Wat Pak Nam by L P Sod
It is more than half century since the great guru Luang Phor Sodh was decease but his teachings and spirits live on, manifesting the righteous truth. But to most public who may not be practicing the technique, one of the easiest way is to interrelate possession of his creation of amulet that may channel his spiritual power for safety, protection as well as satisfying personal aspiration in business objective. Although in terms of historical background, Wat Pak Nam images are not entirely considered to be very aged as compared to many other established Thai amulet forms such as Soomdej, Soomkor, Nang Phaya, Phra Rod etc., where with the current version evolved at its 7th generations as at 2006, it is approximately translated to be a new batch in every 10 years of cycle. However, over the last few decades,many incredible local legends and success stories have lead the many Thai public to think Wat Pak Nam images are great for such intention/purposes.

I first had mine back in late '80 (to be exact - it was my second amulet after the Nang Phaya), without going into details, I have enjoyed some personal experience which had me convinced this is truly a great image for businessman. Frankly, I had little knowledge in relation to its background until half a few years ago where I would assume many others who may also face the same dilemma in half-baked knowledge on this unique image form - probably this is the main reason which has prompted me to take advantage of a recent trip to Bangkok to allocate some spare time to take a visit to Wat Pak Nam so as to use the web to provide a visual journal for those who may has an inner desire to find out more with the Legendary Guru Monk, his creation in amulet form, his wisdom thinking as well as featuring this important Thai Buddhist landmark where it had all began with.

Sequence of old photo of the late abbot of Wat Pak Nam, Luang Phor Sodh

Sequence of old photo of the late abbot of Wat Pak Nam, Luang Phor Sodh

Sequence of old photo of the late abbot of Wat Pak Nam, Luang Phor Sodh

Sequence of old photo of the late abbot of Wat Pak Nam, Luang Phor Sodh

Sequence of old photo of the late abbot of Wat Pak Nam, Luang Phor Sodh

Sequence of old photo of the late abbot of Wat Pak Nam, Luang Phor Sodh

Quick Time Movie link   Wat Pak Nam distributes two VCD collections which contain MP3 (recording of chanting) as well as a series of movie clips of the late Luang Phor. I have edited a few clips for you to take a view of the late Guru in "live" state while he was still acted as a living legend in Thailand. The purpose is more on educational merit where the movie conveys a realism of a legend which is tangible via a modern method in motion video clipping. Apple's Quick Time (544k) or AVI file (399k) for PC user. You can actually buy directly from the temple, I think (the link and address of Wat Pak Nam is published at the bottom of the first / fourth page.

Personal Recommended quality LINKs to understand the Great Thai Guru
as well as some good links on his teaching and influences around the Buddhist community:-

Logo / emblem of Wat Pak Nam

Official Site of Wat Pak Nam (in Thai) - Should be very informative if you can read Thai.
A biography of Luang Phor Sodh - Prepared by Mongkol Dharm Centre
Dhammakaya @
Yahoo Group
Dhammakaya Buddhist Meditation Institute of Thailand
Dhamakaya form
explained by different interpretation by Lek Watruak
Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen
featured at
Wat Phra Dhammaka - A temple built by a student with rich background of Luang Phor Sodh
"branch" of Wat Pak Nam in Japan, I heard there are centres at London as well as in New Zealand too.

LP Sod (sodh) of Wat Pak Nam

LP Sod (sodh) of Wat Pak Nam

Wat Pak Nam amulet, 1st batchWat Pak Nam amulet, 3rd batchWat Pak Nam amulet, 4th batch (rectangular)Wat Pak Nam amulet, 4th batch (Triangular)Wat Pak Nam amulet, 5th batchWat Pak Nam amulet, 6th batch Wat Pak Nam amulet, 7th batch
Amulets: A series of Wat Pak Nam amulets shown above, from early batches, like third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seven batches (all link to image Library)

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