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LEICA M6 TTL Black NOMI Baumgartl w/NOCTILUX-M 1:1.0/50mm

While I was browsing through some of the very old archived pictures and information on NOCTILUX lenses via German Online auctioneer PHOTOGRAPHICA-Auctionen.DE, I came across an auction which was conducted a few years ago in a LEICA M6 TTL with some engraving the the top right hand corner which caught my attention. The engraved name was NOMI BAUMGARTL and the camera included with a NOCTILUX-M 1:1.0/50mm. It was a personal donated camera with LEICA AG endorsed with an engraving. The kit came with signature copies of poster, and coffee books which was published by the photographer. The purpose of the auction has a meaningful objective where proceeds of the kit will goes as funding to support welfare of the "Programa Comunitário since Reconciliacao" something explained as poor street children in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

When I had finished the section on two of the two master photographer special edition of their
LEICA M6 Platinum Henri Cartier-Bresson/Louis Vuitton, 1989 and William Klein LEICA M6 TTL Anthracite-finish special edition; all of a sudden, I remember this lot and went back to photographica auction and downloaded the old, archived picture of that auction. WHY ? because NOMI Baumgartl may not be enjoying comparable status of H.C.B. or W.Klein but in terms of their respective original objective, all of these special issued bodies and/or personal donation are of equal and this should always be praised, encouraged and hope others established icon would do the same. I did a search and had found more surprises in NOMI Baumgartl's involvement in few of her on going projects that relate to the preservation and studies on the wild.
Elephant Man by NOMI Baumgartl, link back to I-wonder website
Background & Introduction extracted from NOMI BAUMGARTL website <www.i-wonder-nomi.com>:- Nomi Baumgartl, internationally renowned freelance photographer, lives in Munich and preferably in Maui, Hawaii to work on her future projects. Her life's work is to show the connections between man and nature, sea and earth in her photographs, as an homage to creation. As ambassador of DOLPHIN AID e. V. (dolphins help children) she with her artwork support handicapped children to afford them a therapy with dolphins. At the shooting to the NDR-film the "Elephant Man" directed by Daniel Opitz (ocean mind) in which Nomi Baumgartl worked as visual director she met Timbo who became the role model for Mumo by inspiring her to write an exceeding story between dream and reality.
NOMI BAUMGARTL shoots exclusively with LEICA equipment (Nikonos for underwater) and here projects were being featured in Leica Photographie International ("LFI"). You may download PDF copies: Dolphin (Leica World 1.6MB) | Elephant Man (LFI 1.6MB) which contains information as well as her portfolio.

LEICA M6 TTL NOMI Baumgartl w/NOCTILUX-M 50mm f/1.0 for charity works

Credit: Image(s) courtesy of Photographica Auction, Germany ®, who often conducts popular Online Photograohica Auctions. Image Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

The original transcripts and description as appeared in Photographica Auction as follows: " ... LEICA M6 TTL " Nomi Baumgartl " Nr. 273627x m. Noctilux-M 1 / 50 Nr. 390232x, Fine Art Print "Wisdom of the Ocean ", Dolphin Eye, Florida 1999 handsigniert, Buch MUMO handsigniert. Des weiteren erhält der Käufer das Buch " Portrait von Nomi Baumgartl " ebenfalls handsigniert. Der Erlös dieses Loses geht an die Institution von Constanze Wild " Programa Comunitário da Reconciliacao = Strassenkinder in Sao Paulo. Frau Constanze Wild ist ebenfalls Fotografin und unterstüzt diese Aktion seit Jahren...".

: .... Fine Art signed print " Wisdom of the Ocean ", Dolphin Eye, Florida 1999, book signed MUMO. The buyer also receives the signed book " Portrait of Nomi Baumgartl ". The proceeds of the sale go to Constanze Wild`s Institution " Programa Comunitàrio de Reconciliacao ", street children of Sao Paulo. Constanze Wild is also photographer and has supported this worthy cause for years with great enthusiasm. Nomi Baumgartl has donated her camera together with the picture and books....". NOTE: No info on the realized auctioned price for this Nomi Kit.

Elephant man and underwater dolphin by NOMI Baumgartl, link to i-wonder website

Other information: The original lot could had been handled by Igavel Auction as the commissioned Art Centre Daniel Cooney Fine Art who had exclusive arrangement to auction their items at Igavel. It was mentioned in a photography news.com as pointed the auction was involved with D.Cooney, NY back in October, 2005.

Personally, NOMI's devotion reminds me with works of another good friend of mine, Michael Patrick Wong who used to spend 2,500 hours underwater just for his two award winning books, Malaysia beneath the waves and Simpadan. Coincidentally, Michael is currently also engaged on another DV project in studying wild elephants behavior in Borneo Island for Discovery Channel.

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