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LEICA M6 TTL black Václav Havel Special Presentation Edition, 2000

The Internet has these info "...Leica legends:- Some other recipients include Leica number 150,000 to Leopold Godowksy and number 175,000 to Leopold Mannes, the inventors of Kodachrome (1935) ; Leica 300,000 to Gustav Wilmanns and number 350,000 to Wilhelm Schneider, the inventors of Agfacolor film. Dr. Ernest Leitz received number 500,000 in 1950 and in 1955 Henri-Cartier Bresson got number 750,000 on the occasion of the Biennale de Photographie in Paris. In 1960 Dr. Ludwig Leitz got number 1,000,000 and Alfred Eisenstaedt got number 1,000,001. One of the more recent recipient was >the ex-Czechoslovakia* President Vaclav Havel where Leica CEO presented him with a Leica M6 with serial number 2,500,000 in May, 2000 ...". * Now referred as Czech Republic.

Leica CEO Hanns-Peter Cohn, photos by Frank Van Riper
LEICA M6 TTL black Vaclav Havel Special Presentation Edition   As here I am just compiling infomation on LEICA M6 series, I think this special edition should also be included. However, there is no way that I can get a proper image of the camera EXCEPT for these two pictures as appeared in a Washington Post columnist, Frank Van Riper's article published in 2000 with page title "Frank Van Riper on Photography".

<<<---- Leica CEO Hanns-Peter Cohn poses in Prague with a commemorative Leica M6 shortly before presenting it to Czech President Vaclav Havel. The camera was the 2,500,000th Leica camera made. Cohn says the medium-format camera may be in Leica's future. Credit: Frank Van Riper <fvanriper@aol.com>

While on another development, an old, archived posting appeared in the Leica Users Group as posted on 2001/04/24 which stated:-
"...Auction of LEICA M6 TTL with serial number 2,500,000 of Václav Havel ' "Exclusively on the Amazon.de website, Leica Camera AG will be auctioning off an internationally coveted collectors item on the Internet from May 13-18, 2001: a Leica M6 TTL black paint finish. The camera with the striking serial number 2,500,000 was presented to Czech president Václav Havel during a reception in May 2000. Not only the camera itself, but also the lens, a Leica 35 mm Summilux-M ASPH. 1/1.4, silver chrome finish, bears a special serial number. The number 4,051,036 signify Havel's date of birth, 5th October 1936. The camera comes in a wooden presentation case and with documents certifying that it was presented to Václav Havel. The proceeds from the auction are to go to the “Vize 97“ trust foundation, created by the president and his wife, to support projects concerning culture, humanity, education, health and social affairs in the Czech Republic. More information: http://www.leica-camera.com/markt/auktion/index_e.html...". Ref:- Original Post@LUG

It was not known what was the winning bid nor who was the new rightful owner of the said tool now. But has anyone downloaded the pictures of the auctioned camera ? so I can make this site more complete in its content.
V‡clav Havel, 1990 with Margerat Thatcher stat visit, Photo by TOMKI  Nemec ¨
Credit: Tomki Nemec ® Anzenberger Gallery

NOTE: Tomki Nemec has been personal
photographer for the Czech president Vaclav Havel from 1989 to 1992 and since then also followed him to many occasions of daily life and official events.
The auction news was followed by another thread: (NOTE:- All the links won't work) " ...The exclusive auction of the Leica M6 TTL of Václav Havel with the serial number 2.500.000 at Amazon. Now you can find the latest information revolving around the auction of this special Leica M6 TTL and the included 35 mm Summilux-M ASPH. 1/1.4, silver chrome finish at: http://www.leica-camera.com/market/auktion/index_e.html or in a detailed special presentation at Amazon: http://s1.amazon.de/exec/varzea/subst/special/leica/en/leica.html/302-5961851-2293663

On May 13, Leica Camera AG will finally start the auction of the Leica M6 TTL black paint finish, which was presented to the Czech president during a reception in May 2000 to pay tribute to his deep personal commitment. Till May 18 interested collectors have the opportunity to bid on this highly sought-after item. The proceeds from the auction are to go to the “
Vize 97“ Trust Foundation, created by the president and his wife, to support projects concerning culture, humanity, education, health and social affairs in the Czech Republic. To the auction: http://s1.amazon.de/exec/varzea/subst/special/leica/en/leica.html/302-5961851-2293663

Leica Camera AG/ Marketing Communication
Archived posting to the Leica Users Group as appeared on 2001/05/11
Václav Havel, born October 5, 1936, was the 10th and last President of Czechoslovakia (1989-1992) and had became the first President of the Czech Republic (1993-2003). Due to Czech background with strong attachment with former Soviet Union, rise of opposition with Václav Havel was supported by the West.

V‡clav Havel photographed by  Mr. Tomki Nemec
It was through 1989's Velvet Revolution which overthrow of the Communist government and Czechoslovakia finally has enjoyed a period of liberalization from here on. Václav Havel was most welcomed by the neighbors as well as Western Allies due to an opening he had created for democracy penetration into the Eastern Communists controlled Nations. In 2003, Václav Klaus, one of his greatest political opponents, took over and was elected his successor as the next President of Czech Republic.

Related Useful Links: Official site of the ex-premier of Czech Republic; Wilkipedia info on Václav Havel
Credit: Tomki Nemec ® Anzenberger Gallery

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