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I only have in my library: 150 Jahre Optik 1910~1939 SUMMILUX 1:1.4/50mm Edition / Elmar-M 1:2.8/50mm 1850~1879 150 jahre Optik / Summilux-M 1:1.4/35mm ASPH 1980~1999

I am seeking contributors who owns the LEICA M6 Platin 150 Jahre Optik special edition models:
Summicron-M 1:2/50mm 1880~1909 150 Jahre Optik
| Summicron-M 1:2/35mm ASPH 1940~1979 |

please contact my web buddy: rick_oleson@yahoo.com

Other related LEICA M6 camera models issued in the same Platinum Finishing:-
Leica M6 Platinum Dummy Set, 1989 | Leica M6 PLATINUM '150/75 Jahre', 1989
M6 Platinum Sultan of Brunei Silver Jubilee Edition, 1992 | Leica M6 Sultan of Brunei Special 50th Birthday Edition, Platinum w/diamond, 1995
Leica M6 "Anton Bruckner" (1824~1996) Platinum Edition, 1996 | Leica M6 Schmidt Platinum Centenary (100 Years), 1996
Leica M6 Platinum Henri Cartier Bresson / Louis Vuitton One unit Special Edition, 1998
Leica M6 Platinum "150 jahre Optik" Wetzlar Optisches Institute Edition, 1999

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Leica M6 Classic in PDF (3.8mb) applicable to this M6 Platinum Edition by Niels H. S. Nielsen; Others:- Leica M6 TTL 3.6 Mb PDF) by Joe Chan

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