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LEICA M6 Platinum Dummy, 1989 supplied in a Mahogany wooden display case
LEICA M6 Platinum Dummy, 1989

Leica had produced dummies as a form of sales promotional kit as early as back in the 1930. Generally, DUMMY copies are not like CUTAWAY display unit as they do not, usually have any actual components within the made alike body shell/chassis. M6 dummy copies are very rare in number but we can still find some
LEICA M6 cutaway models which have been produced randomly over the years. You may also check Leica M3 Dummies for more info.

Front view of a LEICA M6 Platinum Dummy rangefinder camera, 1989
So, finding a LEICA M6 special edition made in dummy copy is even more rare. Here is a LEICA M6 Platinum DUMMY which was made back in 1989 as part of a sales kit to promote the Leica M6 Platinum-plated model. The M6 Platinum was generally regarded as the first M6 series model that was packaged in a luxurious outfit. The total quantity produced for this special edition model which was to commemorate the special occasion of 150 Jahre (years) of Photography as well as 75 Jahre of Leica Photography.
LEICA M6 Platinum Dummy rangefinder camera, 1989 with special engraving of 150 Jahre / 75 Jahre Leica Photography

The engraved 150/75 Jahre on a LEICA M6 Platinum Dummy rangefinder camera, 1989

With a quantity (1,250 units) which justify for issued of a Dummy and it also served a good business objective for LEICA AG for brand awareness for its long association and contribution to the medium of photography

Rear section of a Karung leathered LEICA M6 Platinum Dummy rangefinder camera, 1989
The M6 Platinum Dummy was first seen in an auction conducted by Leicashop® and as the auction literature quoted the detail " .. very unusual dummy of platinum edition, with grey karung leather, but no serial number engraved, supplied with a mahogany box. Approx. Year: 1989..".

This rare and highly collectible Leica dummy has a hammer price of ¤2.040* incl. premium.

* NOTE;- Indicative price(s) herein based original prices published on previous auction literature/references.
Prices may vary according to gradual yearly premium, supply/demand equations, and/or other renewed valuation methods.

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