A Mini Showcase on Leica M6 Platinum Edition rangefinder camera - Part III - MIR Image Library

Mini showcase on LEICA M6 Platinum Edition - front view with Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 Rear Section view of  LEICA M6 Platinum Edition camera body with Karung Python snake leather work

Camera top plate with normal features and special engravings: Mini showcase on LEICA M6 Platinum Edition Base plate and bottom section of Leica M6 Platinum edition model with Summilux-M Platinum plated 50mm lens

Leica Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 Platinum plated edition Presenation box in mohogany wood for  LEICA M6 Platinum Edition

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Introductory leaflet on LEICA M6 Platinum Edition
In a typical setup of a LEICA M6 Platinum Edition of 1989, it should have a Camera body with a matching platinum-plated SUMMILUX-M 50mm 1:1.4 lens w/lens cap. A dark-brown mahogany wooden presentation box is included with relevant documentation as well as reading reference leaflet as shown at the left hand side. The Summilux-M 1.4/50 was not encoded with a matching S/N as with the camera double serial numbering. In a very unusual case, Leica M6 Platinum Edition has not been seen with any different configurations. Generally, most of the well preserved units being transacted at used equipment trading place ranging between USD5,000~7,000-00. While auction houses which may provide proper authentication services who are more assuring with quality verification often has a more consistent quotation of ranging between EURO 4,000~5000-00.

Recently, I was lead by a surfer to take to look at an auction for a LEICA M6 Platinum Edition which has quite a different body configurations from regular production units. It has most of the common features as found on comparing model - EXCEPT the camera has all the body operating parts which include the film advance lever, the outer ring for exposure counter, the shutter speed dial, rewind knob, rewind release lever and the frame-preselector lever as well as the accessory shoe all in an unusual black finishing. The seller was considerate enough to provide a 30" x 72 dpi explosive file for users to take a look at the details. Before the end of auction, I managed to download a photo of this unusual M6 Platinum unit for you to refer. I am not a historian on camera nor a very serious Leica collector and all I want is to share a find via the web but I hope the experienced collector to shad some light on this model.

LEICA M6 Platinum Edition in a different configuration of black body parts and levers in black

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A rather rare LEICA DUMMY camera on Leica Platinum M6

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