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"X" Series Cameras, Lenses and System Accessories from Fuji.

A system of single-lens-reflex photography has been introduced by Fuji Photo Film in 1980. called the Fujica "X" system, the new product line includes three advanced "AX" cameras, six new "X" bayonet-mount lenses, and a broad range of accessories. The three cameras making their debuts are the Fujica AX-5, AX-3 and AX-1 single-lens-reflex cameras. The AX-5 has five automatic exposure modes plus fully metered manual operation.

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Fujica AX-5 with new Auto Strobo 300X and Auto Winder X, two of the wide range of accessories for Fuji's new X system. AE modes include aperture priority, shutter priority, programmed, stopped down and electronic flash. The AX-5 incorporates "cybernation" - the automatic control of a process through the use of a computer. The "cybernation" system used in the AX-5 combines a computer central processing unit with automated exposure control for continuous, accurate exposure control up until the instant the shutter is triggered.
The Fujica AX-3 shares most of the features of the AX-5, but the AX-3 offers only four operating modes: aperture priority automation, stopped down automation, electronic flash automation and full manual with metering. The AX-3 accepts all X-system accessories including the Fujica Auto Winder X. The AX-1 is an aperture priority camera which provides three exposure modes and features economy with value. A new group of lenses carrying the "X-Fujinon" designation "DM" to identify those units which permit full multimode auto exposure operation with the AX-5 Other elements in the X system are the new Auto Strobo 300X with its choice of three f/stops for automatic operation plus manual settings; and the Fujica Auto Winder X. When the Auto Strobo 300X is mounted on any AX model camera, it provides automatic flash sync: the camera shutter is set at 1/60 second while the LED indicator in the finder shows whether or not the flash is fully charged.

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