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Type: 35mm single-lens reflex (SLR) camera with electronically-controlled automatic exposure (AE) and focal-plane shutter.
Exposure Modes: Programmed AE, shutterspeed priority AE, AE flash photography with specified Canon electronic flash units, and manual override.
Format: 24 x 36mm.

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Usable Lenses: Canon FD (for full-aperture metering) and Canon FL and non-FD (for stopped-down metering) series lenses.
Standard Lenses
: FD 50mm f/1.2, FD 50mm f/1.4, FD 50mm f/1.8
Lens Mount: Canon breech-lock mount.

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Viewfinder Information: Fixed eye-level pentaprism. Gives 94% vertical and 94% horizontal coverage of the actual picture area with 0.83x magnification at infinity with a standard lens.

Information is displayed in form of LED digital display to the right of viewing area. Includes "P" mark (programmed AE and camera shake warning indicator), "M" mark (manual aperture control indicator), aperture display (f/1 - f/32, in full f/stops), flashing warning for overexposure and underexposure, stopped-down metering index, "" mark (flash charge-completion display with specified Canon flash units and auto-exposure flash confirmation signal with Speedlite 188A and 166A).

Dioptric Adjustment
: Built-in eyepiece is adjusted to standard -1 diopter.
Focusing Screen: Standard split-image/microprism rangefinder. Seven other types of interchangeable screens are available optionally.
AE Mechanism: Electronically-controlled programmed AE and shutter-speed priority AE metering system using one IC and three LSl's with .
Light Metering System: Through-the-lens (TTL), Center-Weighted Averaging by silicon photocell (SPC).
Meter Coupling Range: EV 1 (1sec. at f/1.4) to EV 18 (1/1000 sec. at f/16) with ISO/ASA 100 film and f/1.4 speed lens.
Exposure Memory: EV locked in when shutter button is pressed halfway and the AE lock switch is pressed once. Exposure is memorized as long as shutter button is pressed halfway.
Exposure Preview: By pressing shutter button or exposure preview switch.
Shutter: Cloth, focal-plane, 4-spindle, electronically-controlled. With shock and noise absorbers.
Mirror: Instant-return, with shock-absorber.
Film Speed Scale: ISO/ASA 12 - 3200.
Shutter Speed Selector Dial: 2 sec.- 1/ 1000 sec.. plus "PROGRAM" and "B" With guard.
Shutter Release Button: Two-step, electromagnetic shutter release button. Also serves as exposure preview switch. With lock, cable release socket, and finger rest.
Main Switch: Three positions: "A" "L," and "S." At "L" all active circuits are cut off as a safety feature. "S" position is for self-timer photography.
Self-timer: Electronically-controlled. Main switch set to"S."Activated by pressing shutter button. Ten-second delay with electronic "beep-beep" sound. Number of beeps emitted per second increases two seconds before shutter release. Cancellation possible.
Stop-down Lever: For depth-of-field preview (FD lens) or metering (non-FD lens or close-up accessories).
Power Source: One 6v alkaline-manganese (Eveready [UCAR] No. A544,IEC 4LR44) silver oxide (Eveready [UCAR] No. 544, IEC 4SR44, Duracell PX 28), or lithium (Duracell PX 28L) battery. Battery lasts about one year under normal use.

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Battery Check: "Beep-beep" sound when pressing battery check button. Six or more beeps per second indicate sufficient power; three or fewer beeps per second indicate insufficient power.
Flash Synchronization: X synchronization at 1/60 sec.; M synchronization at 1/30 sec. or slower. Direct contact at accessory shoe for hot-shoe flash. PC socket (JIS-B type) with shock-preventive rim for cord-type flash. Accessory shoe has contact for normal automatic flash plus special contact for AE flash with dedicated Canon Speedlites.
Automatic Flash: Full AE flash photography with specified Canon Speedlites. Shutter speed set automatically. Aperture controlled automatically according to setting of flash when pilot lamp glows.
Back Cover: Opened with rewind knob. Removable, interchange with Databack A. With memo holder.
Film Loading: Via multi-slot take-up spool.
Film Advance Lever: Single-stroke 120° throw with 30° stand-off. Ratchet winding possible.
Frame Counter: Additive type. Automatically resets to "S" upon opening back cover. Counts backwards as film is rewound.
Film Rewind: With rewind button and crank
Other Safety Devices: Camera will not function when power level insufficient. Film winding impossible while shutter is in operation.

Part I: Basic Camera Operations (3 parts)
II: Advance Camera Operations (5 parts)
III: Other Issues (2 parts)

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