The Canon T-60

Model: T-60
Marketed: June, 1990
Discontinued: Sept., 1991
Price: no info
Dimensions: 136 x 86 x 46.5mm
Weight: 365g (including battery)
Lens Mount: CANON breech-lock bayonet (FD coupling)
Viewfinder Type: Fixed pentaprism SLR Field of View: V-93% H-93%
Viewfinder information: 16-dot LED lighting/flashing display, exposure mode (AUTO, M, 60, flash symbol), shutter speed, high-lit warning.
Focusing Screen: Fixed, split-image/microprism
Focusing Method(s): When using AC lens, auto-focusing by TTL sharpness detection on passive-type 3-CCD line sensor (one-shot AF, servo AF, manual can be selected)
Shutter: Vertical-travel metal focal plane shutter with all speeds electronically controlled
Flash Sync: X, 1/60 sec. No bulb
Battery: Two SR44 silver or LR44 alkaline cells Battery Check: Tum SW-l ON. If LED in finder lights, battery is OK
Film Transport: Easy loading by toothed multi-slit spool, winding by winding lever, rewinding by manual crank rewind knob after resetting rewind button.
Metering System: TTL full-aperture metering using SPC photo-sensor, center-weighted average metering.
Metering Range: EV-I to +18 (using S0mm f/1.4 lens at ISO 100)
Exposure Mode(s): Aperture priority AE, manual (matching of lit and flashing LED dots) Self Timer: Electronic, 10 sec., operation indication by LED in front
Film Speed Range: ISO 25 to 1600 in l/3-step increments
Dedicated Accessories: None Misc Spec: None


The T60 features full line-up of functions for an introductory model (manual exposure + aperture priority AE)
It can use the full range of excellent FD lenses.
In the overseas market, there is still a need for manual focus cameras. The T60 was developed specifically as an export model in response to these needs.

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