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New FD Zoom 28-85mm f/4.0


Before such high power zoom ratio lenses like 28-200mm was made popular, one would think zoom lenses of between 28-135mm would be just an ideal solution for those who prefers one-lens-does-all kind of users' concept. But we have been kept waiting as the most popular and cheapest range was 2:1 ratio zoom lens such as 35-70mm. A zoom with a range of 28-85mm would be generally considered very 'generous' from a manufacturer. In fact, Canon's 28-85mm f/4 has a higher zoom ratio of 3x, making it one of the best basic lenses. It is included in the popularly used wide-angle to short telephoto category. This lens covers a wide scope of picture taking situations ranging from wide-angle snapshots to formal portraits in the short telephoto region. Because of its versatility, the lens should able to meet most picture taking needs.

Unlike special aspherical zoom such as the 20-35mm f3.5L or even the earlier 24-35mm f3.5L, that use special grinned lens surface to correct abberations, optically, this lens may not be rated as the best of all FDs, but it does present many attractive features to survive as a standalone zoom lens. Even though it covers five fixed focal length lenses, it is light, compact and easy to use.

< The zoom ratio has proved to be very popular. The EOS based autofocus EF lenses even has retained the lens as an 'L' series lens with a new EF 28-80mm f2.8-4 L, but with a slightly shorter focal length at its longest setting.

This is due to its rather modest maximum aperture of f/4 plus the adoption of Canon's unique three group zooming system. This zooming method corrects some common optical aberrations found in such zooms, resulting in excellent high-contrast optical performance over the entire zooming range. There is a flare stopper inserted between the second (magnification varying) group and the third (image forming) group.

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NOTE:- Info on the NEWER autofocus version

<<<<----- Further, inevitably, adding a 'macro' features were almost made as astandard marketing gimmicks those days and this lens was not spared and thus, the feature of close focusing adds more to one's photographic options which permits to move in close to the subject. The minimum shooting distance is an impressive 0.5m all across the lens' zoom range.
Pix: © 1999, Vincent Thian, an AP photographer. (The Associated Press)

Canon New FD Zoom 28-85mm f/4

This lens covers the most frequently used focal lengths and with its zoom ratio of 3, rivals the excellent standard zooms. Canon uses three group zooming system optimally corrects all aberrations and allows light weight, compact construction. A built-in movable flare-stopper minimises undesirable incident rays to maintain flare-free excellent optical performance.

The built-in macro capability permits close-up photography over the entire zoom range. A minimum film-to-subject shooting distance of 50mm is possible at the short telephoto extremity of 85mm (with a magnification ratio of 0.2X). Constant aperture of f4.0 is maintained throughout the zoom range. But may pose some problem when use with split- image rangefinder focusing screen.

Credit: Images courtesy of 24KSI® <Contact> who also operates a popular Ebay Store . Image Copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

24ksi_FD2885mm_C.JPG   24ksi_FD2885mm_B.JPG

Focal length: 28-85 mm
Aperture ratio: 1:4
Lens construction: 11 groups, 18 elements
Coating: S. S. C. (super spectra coating)

Angles of view: Diagonal: 75° - 28°30' Vertical: 46° - 16° Horizontal: 65° - 24° Diatance scale: (m) 0.9 (Magnification 0.04X at 28mm, 0.10X at 85 mm) to 7.OO; (ft) 3 to 20.OO

Macro mechanism: Helical front group movement, full range macro. Closest focusing distance in macro range is 0.5m: f=28mm - 0.07X f =85mm -0.2x Note: When used for close-up shooting, a slight darkening of the picture frame may occur over a focal length range of 28 - 35mm.
Focusing mechanism: Rotation of front lens group
Zooming: Rotation of zooming ring
Minimum aperture: f/22. A
Diaphragm: Automatic
Filter size: 72 mm
Hood: BW-72
Cap: C-72 (CG2-0073)
Function: Auto Aperture, Full aperture metering (AE operation when used with ALL Canon automatic SLR cameras.
Length x max. diameter: 104.1 mm x 76.5mm
Weight: 485g

Credit: Images courtesy of 24KSI® <Contact> who also operates a popular Ebay Store . Image Copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.


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