The all exciting FlexBody

I never thought and expect the all conservative Hasselblad can be so innovative to come out such a refreshing camera model. That's why I bought one when it was available at Shriro (The local distributor for Hasselabld and Nikon cameras in Malaysia), originally, an extra 503cxi body was my "target".

With this camera, by tilting the adjustable back you can increase the depth of field. By using the shift facility you can correct converging or diverging verticals in many different situations. And the bellows extension effectively gives you a continuously adjustable extension tube that facilitates close-up photography.

These features indeed make the Hasselblad FlexBody a valuable tool for a wide variety of photographers. As an advertising photographer, this is a miniturised Sinar or Linhof. Wildlife and landscapes photographers can capture scenes without converging too much. For architectural photographer, the right perspective in interior and exterior shots can be manupulate a little. For studio photographer can get close and maintain good depth of field, and may be able to use a digital back at the same time.

The FlexBody expands the boundaries of medium format photography for greater creativity for a limiting photographic tool like the traditional medium format hardware.

Fully compatible with the extensive Hasselblad system. CF lenses, magazines and viewfinders all fit without adapters are the few major attractive features that attracted me on to. I like especially with the comapatibility of the digital back.

Consists of a front standard, bellows and rear standard made of duraluminium, an alloy that is both strong and light. The bellows is made from a man-made material that does not stiffen at low temperatures. The FlexBody is equipped with a spirit level and film advance crank.

It is compact, easy to use and very light in weight - esp when no lens is mounted on to. Because it is equipped with an adjustable back it permits both shift and tilt adjustments. With its 24 mm bellows extension the FlexBody effectively provides a continuously variable extension tube.

Shift: for control of perspective

The ability to control perspective allows you to correct converging or diverging verticals &endash; a distortion effect that occurs when the camera film plane is not parallel with the object plane. To correct this distortion, the image frame must be shifted up or down in the image field. The shift correction range is ± 15 mm from the indicated 0 setting.

Format mask

The FlexBody can be equipped with a format mask to extend the shift range.

Tilt: for depth of sharpness

The FlexBody makes this possible by tilting the back to increase the depth of field.

Normally it is necessary to stop right down to get good depth of field, but by tilting the back, good depth of field can be obtained at maximum aperture on a flat surface.

The range of tilt adjustment with the FlexBody is ±30o. Correction screens supplied with the FlexBody eliminate loss of light at maximum tilt settings.

Technical Specifications:

Mechanical with adjustment of tilt, shift and extension. Tripod plate for quick coupling, with 1/4" and 3/8" tripod threads. Tilt: ± 30o Shift: ± 15mm

Extension: 24 mm Film advance: Manual crank Shutter cocking: Manual knob Lenses: 15 interchangeable CF lenses Magazines: Interchangeable with formats 6x6cm, 6x4.5cm Film types: 120, 220, 70 mm and Polaroid depending on type of magazine used Screen adapter: With Acute Matte focusing screen and 2 correction screens, plus stray light protection slide. Viewfinders: Accepts all Hasselblad view-finders. Size: Width 140mm, height 140mm, length 110mm; 5.5 x 5.5 x 4.3 inches (WxHxL) Weight: 700g; 1.5 lbs.

Accessories (Supplied) with the body:

Screen adapter, Correction screen 10o, Correction screen 20o, Stray light protection slide, Cable release, Format mask 4x5 cm, Front protective cover, Rear protective cover, Carrying pouch, Open L-connector.

Other FlexBody accessories: Magnifying hood HM2, Reflex viewfinder RMfx

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Copyright © 1996
leofoo [member of the MIR Web Design Team.]
All Rights Reserved. Created with a Power Macintosh.