Hasselblad 503cxi (Bigger View)

The Hasselblad 503CXi is a mechanical medium format, single-lens reflex camera. Interchangeable lenses, viewfinders and film magazines are available as accessories.

Apart form the entry model of 501C, this model is perfect for the professional or amateur who prefers battery-free, mechanical reliability combined with an automatic dedicated flash system, with flash sync up to 1/500 sec.

Apart form this, TTL dedicated flash system automatically measures the light off the film plane and thus made this a more appealing model.

Ready light and exposure signal visible in viewfinder. Power for the dedicated electronic flash comes from the batteries in the flash unit. Flash sync can go up to 1/500 sec with all CF lenses provides complete freedom for creating the desired lighting ratio between flash and ambient light. ISO dial on camera offers convenient changing of flash fill lighting ratio. Lens shutter with the CF lenses in the Hassleblad line up is fully compatible.

Accessory mask that fits a rear of camera body provides choice of 2 1/4 (6x6) square or 6 x 4.5 cm horizontal or vertical format and a panoramic mask 27x55 mm.

 Full Specifications:
Camera body: One-piece, cast-aluminium alloy shell with tripod socket 1/4" and 3/8" and tripod plate for rapid mounting.
Film format: 6 x 6 cm and 6 x 4.5 cm with the different film magazines.
Film Choices: 120 and 220 roll films. 70mm perforated long rolls, sheet film and Polaroid film with different magazines. Also the choice of vertical or horizontal 6 x 4.5 and Panorama format with format masks.
Film advance: Manual, with simultaneous shutter cocking. Foldable winding crank.
Lenses: Interchangeable Carl Zeiss CF and C-lenses from 30mm to 500mm. Tele Converter 2XE, PC-Mutar 1, 4X Shift Converter.
Shutter: Lens shutter with speeds from I sec to 1/500 sec and B.
Flash Sync: Up to 1/500 sec.
Flash Control: TTL-centre weighted dedicated system with OTF-metering. Useable wide variety of flash units using appropriate adapters (e.g. SCA390 or SCA590). Film speed settings 16 to 1000 ISO. Exposure metering: Centre weighted TTL-metering with meter prism accessory.
Focusing screens and viewfinders: Bright Acute-Matte interchangeable. Foldable focusing hood interchangeable with 90° or 45° prism finders with high eyepoint eyepieces or magnifying hood with built-in diopter correction eyepiece.
System compatibility: The 503CXi accepts all CF- and C-lenses and film magazines made since 1957, all viewfinders and most other accessories.
Size: With focusing hood, lens Plannar CF 2,8/80 and magazine A12: Width 114mm, height 110mm, length 180mm. Body only: Width 114mm, height 110, length 91mm.
Weight: With focusing hood, lens Planar CF 2.8/80mm, magazine A12: 1520g. Body only: 615g.

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