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The Hasselblad 501C is a mechanical medium format, single-lens reflex camera package, comprising the 501C camera body, focusing hood, Planar C f/2.8/80mm lens, A12 film magazine and strap. Interchangeable lenses, viewfinders and film magazines are available as accessories. A package means it sells all these under a commercial package - usually translate into better entry value for consumers.

The 501c is primarily for amateur photographers and aspiring professionals who want to enjoy medium format photography and be assured of complete professional performance, reliability and image quality. Though many pros taking advantage & utilised the package offered as a good back-up system.

It is a camera that allows to grow with you. The Hasselblad 501c can the ideal camera to start with. Yet it is also a camera to turn to when you are ready to develop your photographic skills further. The design is simple, and because it is fully mechanical it requires no batteries.

The best advantage is attractively priced. Hasselblad camera package complete with Planar C 80mm f/2.8 lens and A12 film magazine, clearly is the best investment in a medium format camera system - IF hasselblad is the target brand for you. The Lens shutter permits Flash sync up to 1/500 sec with all CF lenses provides complete freedom for creating the desired lighting ratio between flash and ambient light, it's a wedding and outdoor photographers' delight.

Fast manual film advance and simplified operation with all operating controls arranged by design, function from a working photographers point of view. Accessory mask that fits a rear of camera body provides choice of 2 1/4 (6x6) square or 6 x 4.5 cm horizontal or vertical format and a panoramic mask 27x55 mm. Quick coupling plate with 1/4 in. and 3/8 in. tripod socket., and capability to extend 501C system with CF lenses, film magazines, viewfinders, focusing screens and other accessories.

It is a system camera. Rugged body construction bulit around a sturdy one piece metal body protects and maintains the critical alignment of all internal components. Bright high resolution Acute Matte focusing screen (I am not so sure whether Minolta still doing this for them) provides fast precise focusing through a choice of high magnification viewfinders.

As what I said earlier, it is the best entry model
* into the Hasselblad medium format system. But for those who used to automation in the SLR photography, you have to go back to basic - everything is manual.

* I received a strange feedback where a dealer in US is NOT happy at all that I have termed the camera as " ... an entry model into the Hasselblad system " based on the fact that the 501 costa around USD3,000 now ! ; but the 500x series is actually the entry model into the medium format system of Hasselblad because it is just a barebone mechanical medium format SLR - it is also the cheapest model among all the overpriced Hasselblads ? So HOW should I labelled the camera then ? IF I used "Professional entry level model of the professional class Hasselblad system..." would it make you fell more happy ? Next, I don't control the stupid pricinngs of all the Hasselblads, Hasselblad in Sweden is - so if you have something to complainig about talk to them instead !

 Full Specifications:

Camera Body: One-piece cast aluminium alloy shell with tripod socket 1/4" and 3/8" and tripod plate for rapid mounting with Tripod Quick Coupling accessory.
Film format: 6 x 6cm or 6 x 4.5cm with accessory magazine.
Film choice: 120 and 220 roll-film, 70mm perforated long rolls and Polaroid film accessory magazines. Also the choice of vertical or horizontal 6 x 4.5cm and panorama format, with accessory format masks.
Film advance: Manual with built-in rapid wind crank.
Shutter & flash sync.: Between-lens-shutter with speeds form 1 sec to 1/500 sec and b, and flash sync at all shutter speeds.
Viewfinder and focusing screens: Collapsible focusing hood with flip-up 5x magnifier. Can be eplaced with accessory magnifying hood or prism viewfinders with or without a meter. Bright Acute-Matte screen, interchangeable for split-image, microprism, etc
Lens: Planar C f2.8/80mm T* lens. Also available are interchangeable Carl Ziess CF and C lenses form 30 to 500mm and Tele Converter 2XE
System compatibility: The 501C accepts all current CF lenses and C lenses, film magazines, viewfinders, focusing screens and most other accessories made for the 500 series camera models. Dimensions: Camera body with Planar C 80mm lens and A12 film magazine: 180mm long, 114mm wide and 107mm high.
Weight: With focusing hood, Planar C 80mm lens, magazine A12: 1475g. Body only: 600g
Camera finish: The camera is supplied in an attractive black trim

Hasselblad is a registerd trademark of Victor Hassselbald of Swenden and Zeiss is a registered trdemark of Zeiss Comapny, Germay..

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