Hasselblad 201f
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For critical studio and on locationwork. The 201F offers the professional photographer thewidest choice of options and largest selection of lenses including the large aperture types.

Robust, durable rubberised, silk textile focal plane curtain assures reliable shutter operation with electronically timed precision from 1 to 1/1000 sec. Shutter-speeds are lockable and can be set in 1/2 stop increments for exposure and bracketing versatility. Focal plane shutter flash sync up to 1/90 sec.

TTL dedicated flash system automatically measures the light off the film plane for excellent, consistent exposures with focal plane or lens shutter.Flash exposure adjustable with ISO setting. Ready light and low light warning visible in finder.

Use of large aperture lenses for low light photography. Flexibility in shutter speeds and depth of field control are increased. Maximum apertures: f/2.8 on the 50mm wide angle and 150 tele, f/4 on the longer 250, and 350mm focal lengths.

Choice of manual or motor-driven film advance with accessory motor drive. Self timer with programmable delay of 2 and 10 seconds operates with the mirror in locked up position for maximum image sharpness. Self timer operating signal on camera.

Double or multiple exposure capability without removing film magazine for speed and registration accuracy.

Full Specifications:
Camera body: One-piece, cast aluminium alloy shell with tripod socket and tripod plate for rapid mounting
Film advance: Manual with crank. Motor driven with winder accessory; maximum speed 1.3 frames per second. Instant return mirror in both operations.
Film format: 6 x 6cm and 6 x 4,5cm with different magazines. Film choice 120 and 220 roll-film, 70mm perforated long rolls and Polaroid film with different magazines.
Shutter: Focal plane shutter, with electronically controlled speeds from 1 to 1/1000s and B for longer speeds. Shutter speed setting in half stop increments. Shutter can be locked.
Flash sync: Up to 1/90s with focal plane shutter.
Flash control: TTL centre-weighted dedicated system with OTF metering. Useable with a wide variety of flash units using appropriate adapters (e.g. SCA390 or SCA590) and focal plane or lens shutter. Film speed setting 16 to 1000 ISO.
Viewfinder and focusing screens: Bright Acute-Matte interchangeable for other types. Full viewfinder image with all lenses and accessories. Standard foldable focusing hood interchangeable with 90° or 45° prism finders with high eyepoint interchangeable correction eyepieces or magnifying hood with built-in diopter correction eyepiece.
Exposure metering: With center weighted meter prism finder accessory.
Lenses: Carl Ziess wide aperture FE/TTC-lenses with digital data bus connections. 50, 80, 110, 150, 250 and 350mm. All F-, CF-lenses from 30 to 500mm. Tele Converter 2XE, PC-Mutar 1,4x Shift converter.
Camera operation: Smooth front release. Built-in self timer with 2 to 10 sec. delay and operating signal on camera. Double exposure without removing the magazine.
Battery: 6V PX28L Lithium type or equivalent. Battery check in viewfinder.
System Compatibility: All lenses and film magazines made since 1957. Viewfinders, winders and most other accessories.
Size: With focusing hood, lens Planar F 2.8 80TCC and magazine A12: width 117mm, height 110mm, length 184 mm. Body only: 117 x 110 x 91mm.
Weight: With focusing hood, lens Planar F2.8 80TTC, magazine A12 and battery: 1650g. Body only 750g.

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