Hasselblad 205FCC (Bigger View)

When a camera can be made auto-many-things, it opens up a lot of picture making oppurtunities.With total exposure control and all the special features, it helps a lot for demanding photographer in any field of photography, professional or amatuers..provided they know how to captitalise on what the camera can offer.

Built-in spot-metering system, tone and contrast control are the key features of this model. Four aperture priority metering mode options to match any personal metering approach to your subjec and all the essential data and warning signals are visible in the viewfinder. All these advanced features are nothing more familiar to any users in a normal modern SLR camera.

As what I said earlier, one of the attractive key feature is the Zone mode. It allows reading the different subject areas, highlights and shadows, directly in zone values. Suitable even for colour film. Automatic bracketing, and can be programmable in 1/4 stop values. This feature is particularly in positve filmimage making process, where the tight and un-compromised exposure latitude can be very unforgiving.

Shutter operation with electronically timed speeds from 34 minutes to 1/2000 sec. Flash sync up to 1/90 sec, and shutter-speeds which are set automatically with an accuracy of 1/12-stop increments, can be set manually in 1/2 stop increments.

Automation brings TTL dedicated flash system to the medium format. This camera measures the light off the film plane for excellent and consistent exposures - though as any TTL 35mm SLR, still have some limitation like, center image with broad open background which may need some compensation on shutter speeds to take in more ambience light. Another plus point for 205FCC enables the use of large aperture lenses like the FE lenses for low light photography and offers flexibility in shutter speed and depth of field control. With Hasselbald new dedicated winder, motor-driven film advance is here for the medium formators as well. Its Self timer came with programmable delay for 2 to 60 seconds operates with the mirror in locked-up position for maximum image sharpness like makro photography.

Double or multiple exposure capability without removing film magazine is available for speed and registration accuracy. The CF lenses and regular film magazines are compatible without losing the metering options and functions are another plus point for this camera. At least, backward compatibility is taken into consideration when designing which the loyalists' investment is protected. Thumbs up.

 Full Specifications:
Camera body: One-piece, cast aluminium alloy shell with tripod socket 1/4" and 3/8" and tripod plate for rapid mounting.

Film advance: Manual with crank. Motorised with winder accessory; maximum speed 1.3 frames per second. Instant return mirror in both operations.
Film format: 6x6 cm and 6x4.5cm with different magazines. Film choice 120 and 220 rollfilm, 70mm perforated long rolls and Polaroid film with different magazines.
Shutter: Focal plane shutter, with electronically controlled speeds from 34 minutes (90 sec. in Auto modes) to 1/2000s and B. Manual shutter setting in half stop increments.
Exposure metering: Highly selective TTL spot metering covering 1% of the image area. Metering range EV-1 to EV20 at ISO 100 and f/2,8. Exposure adjustment ±5 stops in 1/4 - stop increments.
Exposure modes: Aperture priority automatic exposure using Ab, DIFF-mode or ZONE-mode. Aperture bracketing exposure using Ab-mode or manual exposure using M-mode.
Film sensitivity: Automatically transferred via digital data bus from E- and FCC/TCC- magazines or manually programmed value. Range 12-6400 ISO.
Flash Sync: Up to 1/90s with focal plane shutter.
Flash control: TTL centre-weighted dedicated system with OTF metering. Useable with a wide variety of flash units using appropriate adapters (e.g. SCA390 or SCA590) and focal plane or lens shutter. Film speed range 25 to 1000 ISO. Flash output can be programmed with a separate adjustment for use as fill-in flash.
Viewfinder display: LCD and LED indications above the image area.
Viewfinder and focusing screens: Brite Acute-Matte interchangeable for other types. Full viewfinder image with all lenses and accessories. Standard foldable focusing hood interchangeable with 90° or 45° prism finders with high eyepoint eyepieces or magnifying hood with built-in diopter correction eyepiece.
Lenses: Carl Zeiss large aperture FE-lenses with digital data bus connections. 50, 80, 110, 150, 250 and 350mm. All CF-lenses from 30 to 500mm. Tele Converter 2XE, PC-Mutar 1, 4X Converter.
Individual programming: In PR-mode the user can program several camera functions: manual ISO-value, self-timer delay, flash exposure adjustment, Bracketing step and D-mode warning levels.
Camera operation: Smooth front release. Built-in self timer programmable from 2 to 60 sec. delay with operating signal on camera. Double exposure without removing the magazine. Instant return mirror.
Battery: 6V PX28L Lithium type or equivalent. Automatic battery control in viewfinder.
System compatibility: All lenses and film magazines made since 1957, most viewfinders, winders and other accessories.
Size: With focusing hood, lens Planar FE 2,8/80 and magazine A12FCC: width 117mm, height 110mm, length 185mm. Body only: width 117mm, height 110mm, length 91mm.
Weight: With focusing hood, lens Planar FE 2,8/80, magazine A12FCC and battery: 1660g. Body only 745g.

Hasselblad is a registerd trademark of Victor Hassselbald of Swenden and Zeiss is a registered trdemark of Zeiss Comapny, Germay..

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