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Subject: Nikon FM2n Year of the Dog

Hi, Hope all is going well for you after that hospital visit you told me about a few months ago. I would like to disagree with you on your statement:

"We have not seen an official special production Nikon camera for quite a while. The previous much hyped Nikon FM2T '
Year of the Dog' cannot be considered as official, as the rare 300 units was the idea of the Taiwanese distributors." - the fact remains the Year of the Dog left the Nikon factory as a Nikon factory product in a Nikon box with a Nikon warranty.

if an idea outside the Nikon factory makes a Nikon not "official," then the NASA cameras would be "not official" too, as well as the half frame FM's for the Norwegian police force, the FEA's for National Geographic, or the KS-80A for the US Navy, the white leather Nikon F's. Is anyone claiming the M6 Jaguar is not "official" because it was not originally Leica's idea? I don't think so.

Please take this note as a point of honest disagreement, not as some big deal argument. After all, we are only talking about Nikons, not something important.

Stephen Gandy

* my opened reply : I would accept fair comment from a entirely different viewpoint: That is why with Stephen's approval, I am publishing the mail where Stephen wrote to me presenting his view. But again I have to stress here: I am a consumer, not thoroughly as brand follower. The F5 50th Anniversary Model may make me cough out some money to get one as a collective item. But after seeing some the 'Year of the XXX' Leica M6 requested from Dealers/distributors in Hong Kong and/or Taiwan market, what would you rate a Nikon FM2 with 'Year of the Dog 'name tag - although it may be scarce in number and look 'special', but when you tend to interrelate it with a commercial idea from a regional distributor (Remind me about the F2A 25th Anniversary episode) - that doesn't inspired me to relate it is rarity in existence that was why it makes justification for a collection. But whatever it is, it is a Nikon FM2n in nature, how much premium you are willing to put on a engraved emblem, that is entirely up to you.

Just to give you a rough idea. Chinese raw calendar year has twelve cycles. Each is represented by an animal (don't ask me why, this was in existence a few generations BEFORE I was born). Basically, it rotates 12 years from Dog, Pig, Rooster, Dragon, Ox, Sheep, Horse, Rabbit, Snake, Monkey, Rat, Tiger (refer here for more info). I don't have any idea what significant that Year of the Dog back in the mid '90 had any significant to "human race" if not the Chinese community that justified to remember it. It is just like what significant issue you can relate yourself to 1995 or any year such as 1997, 2001 etc.? Well, certainly Asian Financial crises in 1997/8 and/or 2001 tech-stock crash in Dow Jones do not justify to issue a commemorative camera model to remember them). I would accept a year of millennium i.e. 2000 but again to camera collectors, what for ? Take the Chinese Animal-related ZODIAC.. if each year has a Leica, Canon or Nikon to release a special camera model to commemorate eah of these calender year, oh.. goohs.. who would spend a dine on them - even if it is coated precious metal ?

Commemorative camera models are good idea to remember an event but not entirely a good idea if it is being abused. Leica was one of those which overplayed with the theme at times. Before the end of the M6 Leica product cycles, you can easily relate the sequential events where there were so many Limited Edition models were being released -a sign usually signifies, the Company will soon releasing its next models. Sorry. Just a personal thought - may not too pleasant to read, but I know these may inspire a little inner intelligence in you.

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