Lighting & Mood

Photography is all about manipulating and playing around with light.


Natural Light:

Good lighting can make your pictures more interesting, colourful, dimensional, and flattering to the subject.

Some people are surprised to learn that cloudy, overcast days provide the best lighting for pictures of people. On overcast days, the light is soft and flattering to faces. Morning and evening light is perfect for adding rim-light around your model, especially back lighting and when select a darker background, though might require some level of fill light by reflector or flash.

Bright sun makes people squint, and it throws harsh shadows, fill a flash to equalise the shadow - exposure compensation doesn't work too well (the background brightening up in proportional ratio). On the other hand, the shadows cast by the strong sun can use it to define outlines, textures of a subject or add dimension to a scene.

Anyway, there is no fixed rule again for playing around with light. But, lighting projects mood - good use of lighting and sometimes, toying around with some characteristic of film types can generate different effects, for instance, unless specify, most films are tuned at daylight (colour temperature 5500 kelvin) and when colour temperature shifts, the colour in the final unadjusted prints will project either orangy for morning, evening and strip lighting at home or even in front of the candle light; greenish prints for artificial light source like under the fluorescent tubes in the office, factory or at home, blue-tint under the moon etc... reciprocity correction may require to correct these side effects.

The next section, we will touch on flash - the artificial lighting.

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