The contents here may have some key words here and there in pure photographic term, please refer to our huge Glossary section for cross references.

To avoid stiff, static poses when photographing people, keep them busy! Well, a lot of time when being asked to take a photograph, even for a group picture, I just didn't inform anyone when I took the first shot and usually the unprepared shot looked the best.

Your pictures will have a feeling of lively spontaneity. Just prompt your subjects to be active, their expressions will be more relaxed and natural. I used to work around even with company directors, when everything was set up, talk to them, joke with them and make them to be more relax, and trigger the shuttle occasionally by "accident".

This part is virtually dealing with photographing people. Where kids is concerned, give them some space and distance first, and come back closer and just take the picture. It takes a lot of patience and time to get the right natural expression out of a kid and remember this, don't stress them. If they are under stressful environment, just call it off and do it the next time.

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