Select a Simple Background

A simple background focuses attention on the subject and makes clear, strong & powerful pictures. Take control and move your subject or your camera to find a simple, uncluttered background.

Remember earlier in "Move Around" section, selecting background is one of the more important elements where I have to exercise the option of depriving another 1 second from you. This is especially important when dealing with portraiture, always select a simple background, so your subject can be emphasize and draw the viewer attention to it.

When combine simple background with other elements like, light, mood, colours, depth of field & expression of the subject, it will add more punch to a photograph.

Allocate another 1/2 second after you decided to trigger the shutter button, check whether any undesirable distracting elements behind, like bright and strong defocus white spots.

As for the P&S (unless you have a zoom lens), working with fixed focal length and you'd be restrictive to other options like bigger aperture to throw the background out of focus. It's perfectly all right if you don't have that option, just have the environment under your control, move around to select a more simpler background.

I have a P&S, a Nikon 28Ti, by the way, it is a fixed focal length camera. And I'm using more of this camera than my SLR lately. (It's so convenience, it is not a bad idea at all to invest into a P&S as your day to day pocket camera) More importantly, what I intended to tell you is, I know how it is like to take picture using point and shoot camera.

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